When the pace of life starts to get a little chaotic, balance it out with a rejuvenating getaway to nature. Find your Zen, centre your soul, and calm your mind with the healing vibes of Mother Nature. Or perhaps you’re looking for a blissful escape with your favourite person (or dog… they’re welcome here, too).

Enter Cabinscape, a collection of fairy-tale-like, secluded, off-grid little cabins in beautiful, rugged wilderness settings, and strategically designed to take full advantage of hiking trails, lake vistas and forest views.

What began as one off-the-beaten-path cabin in the Frontenac wilderness has expanded to nine wilderness cabins and three mini (micro) cabin rentals scattered across Southeastern Ontario, from Haliburton to Ottawa Valley to Frontenac County. Dashi Cabin is the one exception, located in a private 75-acre forest near Bayfield in Southwest Ontario, just minutes from Lake Huron.

Don’t let the term ‘off-grid’ scare you off. Although you’ll be backcountry, you’ll not be roughing it. Cabinscape is where the tiny house trend meets Ontario’s cottage culture. Each Insta-dreamy cabin is solar-powered and outfitted with all the modern amenities and cozy creature comforts you’ll need to make your stay super stress-free. From fully functioning kitchens including fridge and freezer, propane heaters and easy-to-use composting toilets to warm, open concept design and rustic chic décor. There are even board games, cards and puzzles for rainy day fun.

Cabinscape has also partnered with local outfitters and businesses to provide guests with access to outdoor equipment like canoes and snowshoes. And each cabin features an outdoor firepit, so say hello to marshmallows and campfires.

For up-to-date information and details on Cabinscape, we recommend you visit their website. For information about other places of interest to explore nearby, keep scrolling to see what Destination Ontario recommends.

Person admires the snowy landscape from inside her cabin

Accessible Features

Service animals welcome

Service animal can be identified by visual 
indicators (guide dog or other animal 
wearing a vest/harness); or 
documentation available from a 
regulated health professional to confirm 
the animal is required due to a disability. 

Information available in alternative format

Accessible formats (e.g. for menus, 
brochures, etc) and communication 
supports are provided in a timely manner 
upon request at no extra charge in 
consultation with the person making the 

More about Cabinscape

With picture-perfect privacy, Cabinscape is the place to get back in touch with your inner photographer, writer, bookworm, Scout or nature lover and indulge in a little eco-equilibrium. You’ll also find endless photo opportunities to create some serious Instagram envy.

Explore the vast terrain, take in nature’s beauty and curl up at night under a star studded sky. Available year-round, each season brings a fresh experience. Catch the first summer sun rays over coffee, admire the dramatic autumn colour or watch the snow silently blanket the forest in winter.

The entrepreneurial husband and wife duo behind this successful Canadian-owned company are dedicated to creating custom, ecologically responsible, low impact dwellings that offer maximum comfort for the ultimate simple, sustainable and soothing wilderness retreat.

The dozen cabins are spread out across southern Ontario, mainly in the southeastern region.

Nine wilderness cabins can accommodate two to four guests with varying degrees of remoteness, while the smaller three micro cabins in Haliburton Forest are designed as a home base for a maximum of two people ready for outdoor recreation. Located directly on local trails, you literally start your adventure the minute you step out the door. And plans are currently underway to open five camp style cabins at their newest wellness and adventure retreat called “Cabinscape Camp” located in the Kawarthas.

Note that some of the wilderness cabins are walk-in only, meaning you’ll need to carry your luggage and food in, or snowshoe and sled in during winter. And between December and April, the micro cabins are ATV or snowmobile access only (rentals are available).

Also, Cabinscape’s wilderness oases book up quickly, so plan ahead to secure your eco therapy session at one of these unique nature retreats.

Last updated: August 9, 2022

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