A group of four people on an apiary tour led by an experienced beekeeper.

Thames River Melons | Dudek Photography, Tourism Oxford

Discover the wonder of honeybees in Ontario

A group of four people on an apiary tour led by an experienced beekeeper.

Thames River Melons | Dudek Photography, Tourism Oxford

Follow the incredible journey honeybees make as nectar is collected from flowers, returned to the hive, broken down into sugars and stored in honeycomb cells.

Learn how beekeepers care for the beehives. And how honey is harvested, extracted and processed. Discover other products made from honey or beeswax, from candles and body care creams to wine and vinegar.

Most importantly, celebrate the vital pollinator service all bee species, including native Ontario bees, provide that helps maintain the biodiversity of ecosystems worldwide and learn how to become more bee-friendly.

See what the buzz is about at these Ontario honey farms and apiaries.

Hamilton, Halton and Brant

Backed By Bees

Beekeepers and mead makers in North Burlington offer visitors a variety of unique experiences. Choose from self-guided walks along the pollinator path to the hands-on “Be a Beekeeper for a Day” program.

Sample a mead flight on the patio or better yet, sign up for the guided honey and mead tasting session for a full and detailed history of this ancient beverage.

Location: 6214 Appleby Line, Burlington

Humble Bee

This apiary supports urban beekeepers who manage hives across the greater Hamilton area, including the rooftop hives at the Cotton Factory.

Humble Bee also offers a guided beehive tour for visitors. Join an expert beekeeper to see the inner workings of a live beehive. Sample honey straight from the hive! And come away with a jar of raw honey, plus a newfound appreciation for bees and everything they do.

Location: 601 Burlington Street East, Hamilton

Southwestern Ontario

Meadowlily Farm

This urban honey farm also operates as a non-profit Ontario Bee Rescue organization of volunteers who humanely relocate displaced swarms and honeybee colonies to established apiaries. In addition to rescuing bees, Meadowlily also provides a refuge for injured and homeless ducks.

Beginner beekeeping classes and events are offered to adult visitors interested in learning more about the hobby. Shop the Meadowlily Farm Store for all-natural raw unpasteurized honey, candles, beeswax and handmade jewellery.

Location: 25 Meadowlily Road South, London

The Walnut Grove Bed and Breakfast

Retreat to a peaceful countryside farmhouse in Essex County surrounded by a walnut grove, forests and a pollinator meadow with beehives. Enjoy luxurious, spa-like rooms, gourmet breakfast and a gorgeous outdoor space with a swimming pool and hot tub. Guests can also add on unique packages and experiences.

The Buzz About Pollinators is a two-hour guided tour of the meadow. You’ll witness various pollinators at work and enjoy a locally sourced charcuterie with walnut syrup and honey from the apiary.

This experience is offered seasonally from mid-May to October and can be booked with or without accommodations.

Location: 400 McCormick, Harrow

Clovermead Farm

Just 20 minutes outside London, Clovermead Farm is run by a multi-generational family of beekeepers.

Enjoy seemingly endless family fun at the seasonal adventure farm with over 50 interactive attractions and games. In addition to corn mazes, pumpkin patches and playgrounds, honeybee-inspired activities introduce guests to the bees. The Bee Discovery Station is Ontario’s largest glass bee display hive.

Purchase the farm’s famous Summer Blossom Honey at the Honey Gift Shop. Browse other products like different honey spreads including maple, lemon and a sweet heat flavour.

Location: 11302 Imperial Road, Aylmer

Hawksview Honey

Hawksview Honey, a natural honey farm just south of Windsor, is dedicated to sustainable beekeeping and providing top-quality honey.

This family-owned business sells a variety of honey products including jars of pure honey, chocolate honey, beeswax candles, homemade honey baked goods and more in the retail store onsite.

Location: 2017 Concession Road 2, Harrow


The London Ontario Learning Apiary (LOLA) is committed to caring for bees naturally, creating a flourishing pollinator habitat and offering hands-on opportunities for visitors to learn about these hard-working heroes of our ecosystems.

Check out the urban beehive encounter, as well as kid and family-friendly workshops.

Location: London

Thames River Melons

A family-owned and operated fruit and vegetable farm near Woodstock, Thames River Melons relies on pollinating honeybees for the success of their produce.

The Beekeeping Experience invites you to suit up and join the beekeeper at the hives to learn all about beekeeping and bee biology. Then, enjoy a sweet snack and take-home treat.

Location: 765875 Township Road 5, Innerkip

Munro Honey and Meadery

This family business is one of the largest producers of pure Canadian honey and represents over five generations of dedicated beekeepers.

Visit the honey shop for honey and other hive products, including assorted mead and melomel.

Location: 3115 River Street, Alvinston

York, Durham and Headwaters

Circling Hawk Honey and Mead Farm

North of Toronto in Richmond Hill, Circling Hawk Farm specializes in creating unique variations of unpasteurized all-natural honey and crafting flavourful honey wines.

Seasonal honeybee farm guided tours and mead tastings for adults are offered in the summer months. Visit the main bee yard, view the beehives and discuss beekeeping and honey harvesting with the head apiarist.

Location: 13433 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill

Ontario Honey Creations

Ontario Honey Creations is a family-owned and operated honey farm producing seasonal terroir honey and meads from bee yards in various locations around Toronto and Headwaters region.

Seasonal experiences are available. Don a bee suit and view a beehive up close, tour the honey house and learn what goes into the production and harvesting of honey.

Stock up on honey and mead and shop for artisanal honey vinegars, soaps and balms and honey-flavoured soda and tea.

Location: 938343 Airport Road, Mulmur

Ottawa Region

Gees Bees Honey Company

Gees Bees Honey Company is an urban farm located in the south end of Ottawa that produces exceptional honey varieties such as wildflower honey, blueberry blossom honey and raspberry blossom honey.

Visit the retail honey shop for these and more honey products including royal jelly capsules, soaps, lip balms and candles.

For a comprehensive view into the fascinating world of bees, check out the farm tours, classes and bee visits offered.

Location: 538 River Road, Ottawa

Algonquin Park, Muskoka and Parry Sound

Honey Bee Harmony

Located in the heart of Muskoka, Honey Bee Harmony is open to the public from June to August.

Glimpse into the world of honeybees and beekeeping with guided tours and hands-on activities. Learn how bees pollinate gardens on the beekeepers experience tours and make your own beeswax candles in a fun and easy candle-making workshop.

And purchase pure, natural and local wildflower honey.

Location: 96 Bowyer Road, Huntsville, Huntsville

Southeastern Ontario

Honey Pie Hives and Herbals

Shop for natural health products made from beeswax and propolis, as well as honey and herbs at this small Prince Edward County farm.

Operational hours are seasonal, winter hours are by appointment only.

Location: 705 County Road 24, Prince Edward County

The Bee Spot

The Bee Spot is a family-run apiary in southeastern Ontario that offers seasonal guided tours of the beehives. Honey and beeswax products like candles are available for purchase at the year-round farmgate store.

Location: 695 A Addington Street, Tamworth

Niagara Region

BY’s Honey Farm

In the heart of the Niagara area, this family owned and operated apiary business is dedicated to raising healthy honeybees and producing natural, chemical free honey.

Stop by the store for pure unpasteurized honey, natural skin creams, candles and much more. And inquire about their Apitherapy Wellness Centre.

Location: 996 Concession 6 Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake

Greater Toronto Area

Ontario Honey House

The Ontario Honey House supports a network of local urban and suburban honey farmers and beekeepers. The Toronto-based shop sells a wide variety of products including bee-based body care, candles and of course, honey.

Location: 1265 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto

Fairmont Royal York

This heritage landmark hotel in downtown Toronto made history yet again as the first hotel in the world to introduce a rooftop apiary.

The hotel apiary produces honey that has not only won awards at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair but is also enjoyed by hotel guests. The honey is used in chocolate arrival amenities and featured on charcuterie boards onsite in the Reign and Clockwork dining rooms.

In addition, a full, fresh honeycomb sleeve is presented in the Fairmont Gold Lounge daily breakfast. And guests love to actually see the hives from the window.

Location: 100 Front Street West, Toronto

The Chelsea Hotel

Another downtown Toronto hotel that hosts a rooftop beeyard, The Chelsea bottles honey from their hives for sale in the Market Garden restaurant.

The honey is also used in food and drink items at the hotel restaurant, the Elm Street Bar and Lounge.

Location: 33 Gerrard Street West, Toronto

Bruce, Grey and Simcoe

The Honey House

Located in Clarksburg, The Honey House is the source for Beaver Valley Gold Honey, as well as healing balms, beeswax candles and more.

Store hours are seasonal, opening in April.

Location: 204 Marsh Street, Clarksburg

Last updated: May 30, 2024

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