A family gathers around a campfire beside a river.

French River | Colin Field

Ontario family-friendly fishing lodges

A family gathers around a campfire beside a river.

French River | Colin Field

There are a number of fishing lodges near Toronto and beyond with a wide range of prices and amenities.

There is a huge variety of fish species in Ontario, Canada’s waterways and fishing lodges from Sudbury, to Muskoka and Rice Lake will help you find them.

Fishing lodges near Sudbury

On the way to Sudbury from Toronto is the fabulous French River region. Flowing out into Georgian Bay, it criss-crosses the Pickerel River and is full of opportunities to fish. The French River itself is a hotspot for fishing lodges, some of the best fishing lodges in Ontario are here and for good reason, this is a world-class angling region. Lake trout, pike, pickerel, bass, perch, bass and sunfish abound. And if you’re really lucky (or skilled), you’ll find muskie, sturgeon and whitefish. Just west of Sudbury, there are also plenty of lodge options available.

Crane’s Lochaven Wilderness Lodge

Just under four hours from downtown Toronto, Crane’s Lochaven Wilderness Lodge is a mainstay of the Ontario fishing lodge experience.

You can only get to the lodge by boat, but you can drive right up to where they’ll meet you with their water taxi. Located on the historic French River, this family-owned resort offers fully serviced private cabins and they take care of everything.

Your stay includes daily maid service, three meals a day, access to fishing boats, kayaks, unlimited gas and live lures are all part of the cost. Simply put, this is an amazing place to relax, spend time with your family and focus on getting out on the water and catching fish without any distractions.

Waterfalls Lodge

A bit further past Sudbury and just outside the town of Spanish is the welcoming Waterfalls Lodge. Their tag line, “where you come as a guest and leave as a friend,” is completely accurate. The owners Rob and Kathy are as welcoming as could be.

With a range of plans including accommodation-only or right up to a full meal plan, they’re keen to cater to your needs. And the fishing on Tube Lake and the chain of lakes it’s connected to is incredible; you’ll find smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike, lake trout, perch and panfish. Their small, sandy beach is full of water toys, hydro bikes, canoes, kayaks and a floating trampoline that will keep kids entertained for hours.

Owl’s Nest Lodge

Another family-friendly gem is the Owl’s Nest Lodge. Located on Trout Lake, this fishing lodge has seven cabins to choose from and kids under 12 stay free. Each cabin comes with a fully equipped kitchen, which makes preparing your own meals easy.

There is a range of boats available to rent from 20-foot pontoon boats to kayaks and classic 14-foot fishing boats. Located on Trout Lake, the waters are known for lake trout, pike muskie and bass. Paddle boats and kayaks are free for guests and a small beach area is perfect for kids of any age.

Bear Lake Lodge

Located on Bear Lake just outside Noelville, this is a spectacular place to go fishing. The lakefront cottages offer a panoramic view and the sandy beach is a great place for younger kids to play.

There’s no meal service, but the cabins are clean, modern and offer everything you’ll need for a serious getaway. You can fish right off the dock or rent a 14-foot aluminum boat with a 9.9 horsepower motor. You’ll find pickerel, pike, muskie bass and panfish throughout the lake.

The gently sloping sandy beach is a great place to swim and access their water park. Kayaks and paddle board rentals are free for guests.

Wolseley Lodge

The Wolseley Lodge has been operating on the French River since 1928.

With cabins that range from one to four bedrooms in size and an American Plan, which takes care of all your meals, this is an all-inclusive luxury. The plan also includes a fishing boat with all the gas you’ll need. You can upgrade your 16-foot Legend boat to a 16-foot pontoon boat if you want.

And of course, don’t forget about the fishing on the French River; you’ll find a range of fish here. Walleye, northern pike, bass, perch, sunfish and rock bass are common. They have a great pirate ship playground for younger kids, a games room with board games and a pool table, plus at Sandy Beach jumping off the docks provides endless entertainment.

Fishing lodges in Muskoka

The mighty Muskoka is the pride of Ontario. For many people in Canada, the words summer and Muskoka are inextricably intertwined. They’re the perfect pair.

A limitless number of lakes dot the landscape and fishing and swimming make for an unforgettable family vacation. You’ll find perch, sunfish, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, pike, lake trout and pickerel in the Muskoka region. And you’ll find plenty of family-friendly fishing lodges too.

Hall’s Cottages

Hall’s self-catered cottages are the perfect place for a family-friendly fishing trip. Located on the magnificent Honey Harbour of Georgian Bay this is prime angling territory and has some of the best sunsets around.

With cottages right on the water they have fishing boats for rent and plenty of fishing opportunities from deep open water, sheltered bays, inlets, islands and channels. The simple clean cottages have everything you need for an incredible week getting away from it all and focusing on catching your dinner. You’ll find pike, pickerel, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and sunfish everywhere here. And there are lake trout, muskie, sturgeon, gar and salmon in these waters too.

The property has a sandy beach, a playground, canoes and paddle boats for guests. The region also has lots of off-site attractions like Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons and Discovery Harbour.

Little Hawk Resort and Marina

Just south of Algonquin Park is the lovely Little Hawk Resort and Marina.

It’s right on the border of the Muskoka and Haliburton regions which are both prime zones for fishing and a perfect summer vacation. With everything from suites and cottages to the “Sunrise Mansion,” there should be an accommodation to fit your needs. It’s a self-catered affair, but the cottages come with fully stocked kitchens.

They have boat rentals, bait and tackle rentals and will direct you to the local hot spots for fish. Lake trout and smallmouth bass are the main fish on Little Hawk Lake. On days when the kids just want to play, there’s an outdoor playground and a sandy beach with a water trampoline, a slide into the water and a big jacuzzi.

Severn Lodge

The Severn Lodge is on a lake in the Trent Severn Waterway called Gloucester Pool. There are a range of rooms and cottages available, some with kitchens or you can enjoy fine country dining in their main lodge dining room. There are a variety of watercrafts available including canoes, kayaks and also fishing boats for rent. Common fish in the area include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pickerel, pike, pan fish and muskie.

Parents will love the supervised kids’ activities. Crafts, watersports, beach bonfires, corn roasts and more are organized throughout the summer. With programs catering for kids from 2-to-12 years old, there are also babysitters available in the evening for an extra charge.

Fishing lodges around Rice Lake

Just over an hour-and-a-half from downtown Toronto, Rice Lake has been a fishing destination in Canada for 150 years. Minutes south of Peterborough, there are a number of lodges with a lot of options for the ultimate family getaway.

The Rice Lake Tourist Association has created a great map of family-friendly fishing lodges. With a variety of panfish here including sunfish and perch, there are also largemouth and smallmouth bass. The lake has a reputation as an easy place to catch fish and is considered a breeding ground for muskies.

Muskie Bay Resort

Situated on Rice Lake’s auspiciously named Muskie Bay, the Muskie Bay Resort has been around since 1934. There are a number of cottages and trailers, all with reasonable weekly rates.

The cottages have kitchens and boat rentals are also available. It’s a family-friendly place with a lot for the kids to do including tubing, a water slide and a floating trampoline. Their sandy beach and playground also provide lots of fun for kids.

Tower Manor Lodge

On the south shore of Rice Lake, Tower Manor Lodge has one, two and three bedroom cottages all with air-conditioning and satellite TV. Each cottage has a kitchen with a full-sized fridge and everything you need to cook your own meals. Catch pickerel, sunfish, muskie, perch and bass can all be caught in this area. Boat rentals are available. As well, with an in-ground, heated pool, a recreation hall and a playground on site, kids will be happily entertained rain or shine.

Alpine Resort

Alpine Resort is on the south shore of Rice Lake and they have two, three and four room cottages complete with kitchens. They also have a couple of fish cleaning huts with chest freezers to preserve your catch.

Their restaurant has an ice cream scoop shop to keep the whole family happy. And as always, Rice Lake abounds with pickerel, sunfish, muskie, perch and bass. The Alpine Resort has canoes and kayaks for guests, plus a pool, arcade games in the recreation room, a basketball court, volleyball courts and a large playground.

Luxury family fishing lodges

If you’re looking for the ultimate experience, then a fishing lodge in northern Ontario is probably just the thing. Luxury fishing lodges can be found throughout the province, but if you’re looking to really get into the wilderness, you need to go way north. Some of these lodges are fly-in only, but they’re all family-friendly.

Old Post Lodge

Steeped in history dating back to its origins as a Hudson's Bay trading post established in 1786, Old Post Lodge has undergone a remarkable transformation into one of Ontario's premier fishing lodges. This cherished piece of Canadian heritage has been meticulously restored to its former glory, evoking the spirit of the Hudson’s Bay era while offering cozy accommodations with modern comforts and amenities.

Nestled amidst the pristine wilderness of Northwestern Ontario, Old Post Lodge boasts an idyllic location where the tranquil waters of Lake St. Joseph abound with trophy walleye and northern pike. Guests embark on unforgettable fishing, guided by seasoned experts who ensure an unparalleled northern fishing experience. Create lasting memories with your family at this historic fishing lodge.


Lodge Eighty Eight

Lodge Eighty Eight is way up there, north of Wawa and you can either fly-in on a floatplane or take the train in. Far from any roadway, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere.

With a number of different cabins, they’ll take care of every meal with the American Plan, or you can choose to cook for yourself. Walleyes, pike, perch, lake trout and brook trout can be found on the lakes surrounding the lodge and with over 60 years of local knowledge they can tell you where the best spots are to catch fish.

There are plenty of places to swim around the lodge, plus they have a tube you can tow behind your boat. And if the weather isn’t cooperating, the game room features a pool table, games and even a TV if you want to watch the game.

Stormer Lake Lodge

Directly north of Kenora, this is nearly as far north and west as you can go in the province without leaving it. Stormer Lake Lodge is a 21-hour drive from downtown Toronto, but you can also fly to Red Lake and the people at Stormer Lake will pick you up.

With a number of different cottages, they also offer three meals a day, guiding services and provide fishing boats. This is a one-stop shop where everything is taken care of for you. Stormer Lake and the nearby Kirkness Lake are known for their walleye and pike, with many walleye over 30-inches long and pikes over 40-inches. Their main lodge has a pool table and a big screen TV.

Cost of a fishing lodge trip

Prices on fishing lodge trips vary widely. Different lodges have different plans. Some offer what is called the American Plan. On this plan, every meal is provided by the lodge, so you don’t have to cook or clean for your entire trip. Others are simply a cottage with a small kitchen and barbecue so you can take care of your own meals. Be sure to carefully review what each lodge offers. Some include boat rentals, gas and live bait, while others don’t.

A full-service place like Crane’s is about $275 a night per person, which includes a boat, cabin, all meals and everything taken care of. Kids under 15 are half that regular rate.

A fishing lodge like Great Escape Cabins is more on the budget side, but you’ll also need to take care of a bit more since there’s no meal service. Cabins here are about $180 per night but can sleep 5-7 people. Boats aren’t included in the price, but they are available to rent.

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly fishing lodges in Muskoka, Sudbury, or near Toronto, there is probably one that fits your timeframe and your budget.

Last updated: April 18, 2024

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