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LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is Toronto's destination for all things LEGO. Let’s start with some fun trivia. LEGO means "play well" in Danish, and that’s exactly what you can do while you’re here. 

Located at the Vaughan Mills Mall, LEGOLAND is made up of over two million LEGO bricks, and it’s home to a super-fun combination of rides, classes and attractions (including a 4D cinema and play areas). 

Built from over half a million LEGO bricks, be sure to visit MINILAND, a miniature replica of Toronto. From the CN Tower to the City Hall, everything is made from LEGO bricks. It’s adorable! Lighting effects simulate the transition from day to night, and the CN Tower lights up, too. Even the LEGO people in each building are custom-made with distinctive features. 

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Another fun fact: LEGOLAND is home to the largest LEGO flag in the world. Measuring at 3.47 metres (11 feet 7 inches) by 6.46 metres (21 feet 2 inches), this flag was built to celebrate 2018's Canada Day, and it was made with more than 248,000 LEGO bricks! 

Founded in 1932, LEGO has been in the family since its inception in Ole Kirk Kristiansen's carpenter's workshop. 

Contrary to all good advice at the time, Kristiansen decided to focus his exemplary carpentry skills on making children's toys. While his siblings wondered at why he didn't centre his business on more practical things, like ironing boards, Kristiansen stuck to his principles, even amid the harsh economic landscape of post-Great Depression Denmark. 

But his tenacity paid off. His relentless pursuit to marry high-quality craftsmanship with creating a better playtime for children has brought us the vibrant 75-colour palette of LEGO we all know and love today. 

From the start, Kristiansen believed that children's toys should be made with the same careful attention to detail and quality craftsmanship as the finest furniture. His first toys were all made from beechwood and thoroughly dried, cut, sanded, polished and varnished with three coats of varnish. Though LEGO bricks are now made with plastic, this same attention to detail is on display at the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. 

So whether you and your family are looking to build your next LEGO masterpiece or take in the breathtaking scenes at LEGOLAND's 4D cinema, keep reading for the ultimate guide on all there is to do. 

Throughout the day, four 3D movies, featuring LEGO characters, rotate at the LEGO 4D Cinema.  

You'll be immersed in the world of these colourful characters after donning 3D glasses. Through the magic of special effects, you'll experience snow, wind and rain as you join these 3D LEGOLAND characters as they try to thwart Risky Business's evil plans. 

Have you ever wondered how the builders at LEGOLAND create such intricate details with LEGO bricks? At LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto, you and your family will get the chance to learn from the master builders themselves. Every hour, master builders take you through the basics of working with LEGO bricks. What's more, LEGOLAND also offers special workshops and monthly building projects. 

For younger children, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto has created DUPLO Village. With colourful animals, a slide and soft LEGO bricks, younger kids will have the opportunity to build, climb and explore. 

No trip would be complete without interactive rides, and Toronto's LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is no exception. In Kingdom Quest, your goal is to rescue the princess by shooting trolls and skeletons with a laser gun. In Merlin's Apprentice, riders pedal carts as they try to conjure Merlin's spell. The faster they pedal, the higher they fly. 

When you need a break from all the building and fun, enjoy a latte, hot chocolate or hummus at the LEGOLAND coffee shop. Here, you'll find all your Starbucks must-haves — like cafe mochas and cappuccinos — as well as classics, like banana bread and chips. 

Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in a 4D LEGOLAND adventure or work toward becoming a master LEGO model builder, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Toronto at Vaughan Mills Mall has everything for LEGO enthusiasts. 

Last updated: August 18, 2023

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