Art festivals and events

Go beyond the galleries and experience local, national and international art at a festival, show or event. Engage with the artists and other art lovers, discover new talent and be inspired to explore your own artistic side.

Image credit: Camille Turner, Nave, 2022. 3-channel video installation and soundscape. On view at Small Arms Inspection Building as part of the Toronto Biennial of Art (2022).

Quick guide to art festivals and events in Ontario

Tips for buying art

Ask questions: you’ll appreciate the piece all the more knowing the artist’s inspiration and process
Carry cash: some events and vendors may not be equipped with credit payment
Consider shipping: you may wish to mail it with priority post instead of bringing it along on your trip
Follow your heart to great art: the truest value of a piece of art is how it makes you feel. If you love it, avoid regrets and buy it!

Art events in Ontario

Find out what art fairs and festivals are taking place across the province at Festivals and Events Ontario as you plan your next Ontario getaway.

Know before you go

Book tickets in advance

If the art show or festival is a ticketed event, book your tickets well in advance to avoid the disappointment of it being sold out when you arrive.

Art etiquette

As a general rule, avoid touching a piece of art (unless it’s a hands-on experience). And in many cases, taking pictures of artwork is not advised.

Last updated: March 12, 2023

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