The Nuit Blanche 2016 “Death of the Sun” installation, which resembles a large orb glowing pale yellow over the crowd at Nathan Phillips Square.

Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto | Destination Toronto

Guide to Toronto Nuit Blanche 2023

The Nuit Blanche 2016 “Death of the Sun” installation, which resembles a large orb glowing pale yellow over the crowd at Nathan Phillips Square.

Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto | Destination Toronto

This fall, over 80 projects featuring over 200 contemporary artists will exhibit their work in various places around the city of Toronto and beyond during the 17th edition of Nuit Blanche.

Start planning your trip to Nuit Blanche.

When and where is Nuit Blanche 2023

Nuit Blanche will be taking place during the night of September 23 and into the morning of September 24, 2023, from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Key exhibition areas for this year’s event are throughout downtown Toronto, Etobicoke and Scarborough.

How to get to Nuit Blanche

Travel by public transit

Many of the Nuit Blanche art exhibits are located in downtown Toronto, which is accessible via Toronto’s public transit, known as the TTC.

Use GO Transit to get to Union Station in downtown Toronto and use the TTC to get around the city. Subway, streetcars and trains will continue to provide service overnight throughout the Nuit Blanche event.

Travel by car

If you’re going to be driving, plan ahead as several roads will be closed in preparation for Nuit Blanche. Parking spaces in Toronto require payment. Check out the Green P website for more information on parking lots around downtown Toronto.

In addition to downtown Toronto, Nuit Blanche has expanded to include Scarborough locations such as the Scarborough Civic Centre and Scarborough Town Centre, as well as exhibitions set up in Etobicoke and North York.

    Get ready for Nuit Blanche

    Whether you take the transit or drive, you’ll be doing a lot of walking to see all the art. Here are a few tips on preparing for your night out at Nuit Blanche:

    • Wear comfortable shoes! With plenty of walking to do, the last thing you want is aching feet.
    • Dress for the weather. Fall weather in Ontario can be unpredictable. Check the weather forecast in advance, wear an extra layer of warm clothing for the cooler night-time temperatures and bring an umbrella in case of rain.
    • Save a map of the exhibits on your phone or keep a list of all their locations on hand. This will help you in planning your trip to Nuit Blanche, as you’ll know the best route for visiting all the exhibits you want to see. It’s also a great resource to have with you if you’re unfamiliar with the city. 

    2023 Nuit Blanche theme and highlights

    Each year, artists are encouraged to create and submit works that speak to a different theme. This year, the Nuit Blanche theme is “Breaking Ground”, a concept to explore the relationship between urban development and the natural environment.

    From traditional art to contemporary installations and augmented reality exhibits, you’ll find all kinds of art on display at Nuit Blanche. Highlights from this year’s Nuit Blanche curators are:

    Disturbed Landscape by downtown curator, Kari Cwynar
    An exhibition of nine artists in Toronto’s financial district representing reversal and disruption by the land.

    Shoaling by Etobicoke curator, Lillian O’Brien Davis 
    A multivocal, multi-artist exhibition exploring the connection between land, water and the communities they feed.

    In the Aggregate by Scarborough curator, Noa Bronstein
    A study of how things interact and change due to that interaction, from geological elements to human relationships.

    Where to eat during Nuit Blanche

    There’s so much amazing art to see during Nuit Blanche, and getting to it all will take time. You’ll likely want to grab something to eat and drink along the way. Fortunately, there are some great places to stop by for a bite, even during the late-night hours, such as:

    Coffee shops: Need caffeine to stay awake? Many popular coffee shop chains such as StarbucksTim Hortons and McDonald’s are open 24/7 and can be found in almost every neighbourhood in Toronto. They feature various menu items like coffee, doughnuts, sandwiches and other quick and affordable snacks.

    7West: For a heartier meal, 7West near the Bloor and Yonge Street intersection is open 24/7 and serves all-day-breakfast, salads, sandwiches and pasta.
    Location: 7 Charles Street West, Toronto

    Fran’s Restaurant: This popular diner just a short walk away from the Eaton Centre opened in Toronto over 80 years ago and has fed thousands of people over the years, including famous pianist Glenn Gould. It continues to provide 24-hour service with a wide range of breakfast foods such as scrambled eggs, waffles, pancakes and scones.
    Location: 200 Victoria Street, Toronto

    The Perfect Chinese Restaurant: If you’re visiting the Nuit Blanche exhibits in Scarborough, The Perfect Chinese Restaurant is, as its name suggests, the perfect place to eat. Open 24 hours, its menu features popular Chinese dishes like congee, spring rolls, dumpling, noodles and fried rice.
    Location: 4386 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto

      Locations of Nuit Blanche event centres

      If you need to take a break or find a place to stop for a minor emergency, Nuit Blanche has several event centres located around the city with access to maps, food vendors, washrooms and first-aid services provided by Toronto Paramedic Services.

      Note the nearest event centre location when planning your trip to Nuit Blanche, they include:

      Stay engaged with Nuit Blanche

      Keep up with all the conversations about Nuit Blanche on social media by tracking #nbTO23 on Instagram and  X platform (formally Twitter).

      Last updated: March 22, 2024

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