Niagara Parks Power Station

Welcome to Niagara Park’s newest attraction:the historic Canadian Niagara Power Generating Station. The decommissioned facility on the Niagara Parkway is undergoing an extraordinary transformation into a multi-faceted visitor experience and a significant new landmark attraction. 

Completed in 1905, the Canadian Niagara Power (CNP) was the first large scale power plant on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls to harness the power of the Niagara River and produce hydroelectricity. 

Besides being an industrial marvel at the time, the facility turned heads for its imposing architecture and beautifully landscaped grounds. CNP was also considered anengineering pioneer for the ingenious tunnel system redirecting water from the forebay through turbines into the lower Niagara River, at the base of the Horseshoe Falls. 

CNP remained operational until 2006, and in 2009 the Niagara Parks Commission acquired ownership of the property. Established in 1885, Niagara Parks is responsible for the preservation, protection and promotion of key natural, cultural and historic features and highlights surrounding Niagara Falls and the Niagara River. These include beautiful gardens and a horticulture school, top golf courses, significant heritage sites, restaurants, shops and attractions, as well as the famous waterfalls.  

And now the Niagara Power Generating Station will join this family of attractions that make Niagara a globally recognized destination. 

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View of exterior of old building from across a river

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More about Niagara Parks Power Station

The highly anticipated redevelopment and reuse of the Canadian Niagara Power Generating Station project will unfold in a phased approach. 

Upon completion of the first phase, visitors will be greeted with significant renovations to the exterior reservoir, along with interior interactive exhibits and immersive sound and light experiences. 

The project will be developed in collaboration with leading Canadian design firms, including Toronto based Forrec for the overall site concept and Lord Cultural Resources, who will design interpretive, storytelling components ensuring the historic significance of CNP is integral to the plan. MT Planners will work on a seamless and integrated landscaping design to complement Queen Victoria Park. Montreal-based production house Thinkwell will bring the immersive sound and light experience to life, utilizing multimedia and 3D projection to accent the unique architectural features. 

Finally, three exciting exhibits delivered from Science North will include Follow the Flow, a scale model of CNP with the use of augmented reality, Experience the Rush, a full-scale penstock demonstrating the power of harnessed water used to generate electricity and Take Control, a hands-on opportunity to interact with the century-old tools and levers in the control room. 

When Phase 2 is unveiled in 2022 (during summer), you’ll be invited to explore the vast underground portions of CNP nearly 70metres below the main floor via a glass-enclosed elevator. Visitors will follow the enormous, old tunnel which connects the plant to the Niagara River beside the base of the Horseshoe Falls. The experience will beaccented with projection mapping technology, a project led by Investment Niagara Parks. 

We can’t wait for this exciting experience, which will showcase the rich culture and history of this heritage landmark while creating a brand new innovative and iconic attraction in Niagara Falls. 

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