Niagara Parks Power Station

Welcome to Niagara Park’s newest attraction: the historic Canadian Niagara Power Generating Station. The decommissioned facility on the Niagara Parkway has undergone an extraordinary transformation into a multi-faceted visitor experience and a significant new landmark attraction. 

Journey inside the power station

The first attraction visitors experience on entering the power station is the generator hall.

Repurposed artifacts, interactive exhibits and intriguing installations offer visitors a firsthand look at how this hydropower pioneer harnessed the power of water to generate electricity for a remarkable century.

Guests will also have the opportunity to follow the flow up close, exploring a scale model of the plant, walk through a life-size penstock, and engage with an interactive control panel to test their hydropower knowledge and more.

For those seeking a deeper understanding, expert-guided tours of the main generator floor are available for an additional cost. Please note that the tunnel exploration is a self-guided experience only.

Discover a new underground experience

Niagara Parks Power Station’s newest hallmark attraction called The Tunnel takes guests through a deep journey into never-before-seen underground parts of the historic station.

First part of the attraction involves visitors descending 180 feet beneath the power station in glass-enclosed elevators. During the descent, you will be able to witness historic equipment used by the station to generate power and all the various levels from top-to-bottom.

The remarkable fact about this descent and the tunnel is that they were excavated more than a century ago using only lanterns, crude explosives, pickaxes and shovels.

The elevator opens in the 670 metre (approx. 2200 foot) tunnel, at the base of the falls where historically water would start flowing out of the station and into the Niagara River.

Following the tunnel will lead visitors to the newly created observation platform connected to the river. Additionally, guests will enjoy unrivalled views of the majestic Horseshoe and American Falls.

The all-new tunnel experience at the Niagara Parks Power Station is included with regular admission to the station.

View of exterior of old building from across a river

Accessibility Features

Accessible drop-off location

Passenger drop-off is available by an  accessible entrance. 

Accessible entrances/exits

A sufficiently wide, hard surfaced,  unobstructed path, no steps or equipped  with ramp connecting to a public  entrance or exit and identified by signage.  Automatic door openers, adequate  manoeuvring room in front of door.

Accessible parking

At least one identified, reserved parking  space with a safe, clearly marked  accessible route from the designated  parking area to an accessible building  entrance.

Accessible restaurant

Accessible entrance; adequate  manoeuvring room; accessible washroom  nearby. Tables with removable chairs and  adequate knee clearance.  Cafeteria/buffet counters reachable for  mobility device users. 

Accessible seating

Reserved space with a clear view of the  event/activity for someone who is seated,  good sound quality, and adequate  manoeuvring room for a mobility device.

Accessible transportation

Accessible public transportation and/or  accessible shuttle buses serve the site. 

Accessible washroom

An accessible washroom stall has  adequate manoeuvring room for mobility  devices. Includes grab bars, transfer  space, accessible door latch, sink with  knee clearance, and lever handles or  automatic sensor faucets. 

Easy access electrical outlets

At least one electrical outlet within easy  reach has clear floor space in front for  charging an electric mobility device.

Elevator access

Elevator access to all public floors with  adequate manoeuvring room to enter  and exit the elevator.

Information available in alternative format

Accessible formats (e.g. for menus,  brochures, etc) and communication  supports are provided in a timely manner  upon request at no extra charge in  consultation with the person making the  request.

Service animals welcome

Service animal can be identified by visual  indicators (guide dog or other animal  wearing a vest/harness); or  documentation available from a  regulated health professional to confirm  the animal is required due to a disability. 

Support persons welcome

Support persons are welcome to provide  services or assistance with  communication, mobility, personal care,  medical needs or access to facilities.  Please check with the organization about  entry fees, if applicable.

Universal washroom

Separate, individual washroom with  adequate manoeuvring room for mobility  devices. Includes grab bars, transfer  space, accessible door latch, accessible  sink with knee clearance, easy-to-use  faucets and adult change table. 

Wheelchair accessible

Unobstructed path through public  hallways that are wide enough to allow  people using wheelchairs and other  mobility devices to move easily through  the building. 

Wheelchair and/or mobility devices available

Wheelchairs and/or mobility devices are  available, free of charge, or for rent. 

More about Niagara Parks Power Station

Completed in 1905, the Canadian Niagara Power (CNP) was the first large scale power plant on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls to harness the power of the Niagara River and produce hydroelectricity. 

Besides being an industrial marvel at the time, the facility turned heads for its imposing architecture and beautifully landscaped grounds. CNP was also considered an engineering pioneer for the ingenious tunnel system redirecting water from the forebay through turbines into the lower Niagara River, at the base of the Horseshoe Falls. 

CNP remained operational until 2006, and in 2009 the Niagara Parks Commission acquired ownership of the property. Established in 1885, Niagara Parks is responsible for the preservation, protection and promotion of key natural, cultural and historic features and highlights surrounding Niagara Falls and the Niagara River. These include beautiful gardens and a horticulture school, top golf courses, significant heritage sites, restaurants, shops and attractions, as well as the famous waterfalls.  

And now the Niagara Power Generating Station has joined this family of attractions that make Niagara a globally recognized destination. 

For up-to-date information and details on the Niagara Power Generating Station, we recommend you visit their website. For information about other places of interest to explore nearby, keep scrolling to see what Destination Ontario recommends

Last updated: April 17, 2024

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