Lake on The Mountain Provincial Park

Discover the mysterious Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park, which is not as straightforward as its name. Just like you’d assume from its name, it is a freshwater lake just over 1 sq km in size situated on a mountaintop. However, it does not seem to have a water source! Called ‘Onokenoga,’ which means ‘Lake of the Gods’ by Indigenous Mohawks, Lake on the Mountain was believed to be the home of many spirits and was the recipient of several gifts and offerings in spring. Early settlers even believed the lake was so deep it didn’t have a bottom. A popular theory explaining Lake on the Mountain’s curious choice of location is that it is a collapsed doline––a limestone sinkhole formed when its foundation dissolves.

Lake on the Mountain is located 62 metres above the Bay of Quinte of Lake Ontario, within Prince Edward County, Ontario. It is over 200 km away from Toronto and is accessible via County Road 7 off Highway 33.

Want to visit this mysterious lake? Learn more up-to-date information and details about Lake on the Mountain by visiting the section of Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park on the Ontario Parks website. Looking for things to do nearby? Keep on reading to see Destination Ontario’s list of recommendations.

A couple standing on a boardwalk, under a tree looking out at the lake. The trees on the shore in the distance are a mix of green and yellow.

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More about Lake on The Mountain Provincial Park

Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park may be surrounded by a fog of mystery and speculation, but its glittering sapphire blue waters, vistas overlooking Lake Ontario, and proximity to Prince Edward County’s famous vineyards make it a prime attraction for curious weekend adventurers. Visitors are in for a pleasant surprise as they drive along the sparkling waters of Quinte Bay, only to go up a hill to discover another lake!

Scientists believing to have debunked the mystery of Lake on the Mountain maintain that its water source is actually two streams coming in from higher ground, as well as a nearby swamp. What remains unknown to this day is Lake on the Mountain’s true depth—previous attempts have gone as deep as 34 metres (112 ft) so far.

Surrounding the mysterious lake is the Lake on the Mountain Provincial Park. It is a day-use park, meaning it has no overnight camping facilities but is popular for being a fantastic picnic and hiking spot for visitors exploring Prince Edward County. Anglers can try their hand at the population of large and smallmouth bass, sunfish, and northern pike living in Lake on the Mountain, while laid-back visitors can enjoy strolling along the boardwalk while they gaze at the nearby Bay of Quinte, Prince Edward Escarpment, and the Glenora Ferry as it shuttles passengers to and from nearby Adolphustown.

Stay in any of the several charming historic inns located near Lake on the Mountain and plan a bigger Prince Edward County trip. Explore the nearby beaches and hiking trails of Sandbanks Provincial Park, or shop for an assortment of homemade and handmade goods at the Wellington Farmers' Market. Artists will also enjoy going on the Arts Trail, a tour of the County’s local arts scene.

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