Safari Niagara

Safari Niagara is a privately operated and owned nature and wildlife park that’s home to over 1,000 animals including birds, reptiles and mammals.

In addition to meeting the many park residents, fun activities like rope courses, jumping pillows, pedal bike go-karts and fishing will keep kids entertained all day. Safari Niagara is located just ten minutes away from the world-famous Niagara Falls. 

For up-to-date information and details on Safari Niagara, we recommend you visit their website. For information about other places of interest to explore nearby, keep scrolling to see what Destination Ontario recommends. 

The admissions entrance with a big colourful sign saying "Welcome to Safari Niagara"

Accessibility Features

Wheelchair accessible

Unobstructed path through public 
hallways that are wide enough to allow 
people using wheelchairs and other 
mobility devices to move easily through 
the building. 

Universal washroom

Separate, individual washroom with 
adequate manoeuvring room for mobility 
devices. Includes grab bars, transfer 
space, accessible door latch, accessible 
sink with knee clearance, easy-to-use 
faucets and adult change table. 

Support persons welcome

Support persons are welcome to provide 
services or assistance with 
communication, mobility, personal care, 
medical needs or access to facilities. 
Please check with the organization about 
entry fees, if applicable.

Service animals welcome

Service animal can be identified by visual 
indicators (guide dog or other animal 
wearing a vest/harness); or 
documentation available from a 
regulated health professional to confirm 
the animal is required due to a disability. 

Accessible drop-off location

Passenger drop-off is available by an 
accessible entrance. 

Accessible transportation

Accessible public transportation and/or 
accessible shuttle buses serve the site. 

Accessible seating

Reserved space with a clear view of the 
event/activity for someone who is seated, 
good sound quality, and adequate 
manoeuvring room for a mobility device.

Accessible restaurant

Accessible entrance; adequate 
manoeuvring room; accessible washroom 
nearby. Tables with removable chairs and 
adequate knee clearance. 
Cafeteria/buffet counters reachable for 
mobility device users. 

Accessible recreation trails

One or more accessible trails with firm 
and stable surface. All slopes, ramps, 
handrails, boardwalks and signage 
comply with the technical requirements 
of Ontario's accessibility laws.

Accessible parking

At least one identified, reserved parking 
space with a safe, clearly marked 
accessible route from the designated 
parking area to an accessible building 

Accessible entrances/exits

A sufficiently wide, hard surfaced, 
unobstructed path, no steps or equipped 
with ramp connecting to a public 
entrance or exit and identified by signage. 
Automatic door openers, adequate 
manoeuvring room in front of door.

More about Safari Niagara

Safari Niagara welcomes you to view animals from across the globe, like African lions, alpacas, American badgers, camels, monkeys, cougars, giraffes, snakes, red pandas, zebra, reindeer, hippos and more. Learn about unique habitats and habits of each species. Wildlife protection and conservation is a key philosophy shared.

The Tykolis, founding family and owners of Safari Niagara, began operating their first business in 1967. Through innovative thinking and mindful investments, they’ve been able to develop Safari Niagara into the successful park it is today. The family transformed a flat, clay tract of land in rural Stevensville into a natural, green space complete with hills, lakes and forests where animals can thrive.

Narrated tram tours on the Gator Express take you through the park, with fun fact about the residents and history of the park. Interactive educational presentations also share stories and details about specific animals, plants and features of the park. The walk-through Budgie Exhibit features over 500 birds flying free.

Visit Papa Steve’s Family Farm, home to miniature horses, fallow deer, peafowl and other adorable animals. Or be a ‘junior zookeeper for the day’ on a personal behind-the-scenes tour of the park to experience rhinos, giraffes and lions up close.

Discover even more excitement with the pedal Bike Go-Karts on the Safari Speedway. For those with a taste for adventure, test your climbing skills on the SKYQUEST ropes course. SkyTykes is a course of balance beams, bridges and ropes similar to the larger system of ropes designed for the younger adrenaline seekers. Kids up to age 12 are invited to jump, dive and play on the Bounce A Rooz, giant, inflatable pillows. The Children’s Play Area features slides, swings and a Carousel. Try your hand at fishing the fully stocked catch-and-release pond, play on the splash pad or explore the lake by paddleboat.

Last updated: August 9, 2022

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