Muskoka Brewery

Canadian born and produced, Muskoka Brewery is leading the way in making top notch beers and spirits while having a positive impact on the surrounding community and environment. Enjoying what’s on tap at Muskoka Brewery quenches your thirst while having a larger impact. Independently owned, the brewery offers one of the most laid back and enjoyable refreshment stops in all of Ontario!

Located in the town of Bracebridge, Muskoka Brewery is easily accessible from Kings Highway 11. Free parking is available on the premises.

The independently owned Muskoka Brewery offers a variety of fresh, small-batch handcrafted brews and spirits in their taproom. They are proudly Canadian and are not afraid to veer off the beaten path when it comes to beer and ale. They are always tirelessly working on finding new flavours to satisfy the ever-evolving tastes of their customers.

The founders, Gary McMullen and Kirk Evans, opened their brewery doors in 1996 and have been growing and adapting ever since. Their passion for crafting the finest beers and spirits is evident in every sip of their brews. They believe in being authentic, and they work hard at staying true to their mission and their values. It’s this passion that drives them to unearth new flavours, to find something a little different that guests will enjoy. Continually experimenting, the Muskoka Brewery offers various beer styles throughout the year, ensuring that guests will find a type of beverage that hits the spot. With Session IPAs, cream ales, lagers, fruit-inspired brews, pale ales and stouts, beer lovers will find something to enjoy. And their beer tastes range from the standard to the unexpected. Enjoy the refreshing cold taste of Key Lime Pie Beer or Ebb & Flow Sour Beer with the tangy taste of plum and boysenberry. And every beer comes stamped with a “freshest by” date to let you know when the beer should be consumed by. Like any other food, their beer is best enjoyed fresh. And the closer it is enjoyed to its brew date, the more flavourful the taste. The brewery holds themselves to the highest standards and only want the best beer experience for their customers.

In addition to beer, the Muskoka Brewery has expanded to include a distillery that offers gin and hard seltzer. Though at first it doesn’t sound like a logical pairing (beer and gin). But the owners of the brewery realized that there were more similarities between the two spirits than one would think. And using juniper berries and hops from their Legendary Oddity beer, a unique gin was born, one that carries the tradition of Muskoka and the same high-quality taste of their brewery.

The brewers are always drawing inspiration for their beverages from the rugged outdoor beauty of the Muskoka region. It’s a landscape full of freshwater lakes, granite outcrops and endless pine forests. They are also involved in causes that are close to their hearts. Partnering with environmental organizations and conservancy groups shows that Muskoka Brewery isn’t just about making great beer.

The owners are firm believers that beer, when consumed responsibly, can be part of a wellness plan. And that’s because beer is full of minerals and vitamins, especially the beer brewed at Muskoka Brewery. With their unfiltered and all-natural process, the company ensures that as much of the natural ingredients — water, malt, hops, and yeast — stay in the beer and promote goodness for your body health. Of course, this is only when spirits are consumed in moderation. Always remember to drink responsibly.

For up-to-date information and details on the Muskoka Brewery, we recommend you visit their website. For information about other places of interest to explore nearby, keep scrolling to see what Destination Ontario recommends.

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More about Muskoka Brewery

In addition to often using Ontario sourced ingredients, Muskoka Brewery donates the proceeds of purchases of select beers to causes like restoring Canadian waters and supporting LGBTQ2S+ communities. Supporting the industry and their local communities is at the heart of Muskoka Brewery’s mission. They also have an internal Green Team that is always working on and improving the sustainable packaging used at the company.

Not a huge beer fan? Give their Muskoka Spirits a shot. In addition to various types of gin, they offer hard sparkling water. They’re produced in small batches using ingredients sourced from North America, allowing the owners to continually experiment and develop new tastes and spirits while making sure that their gin and spirits are always a top-quality product.

The Muskoka Brewery has a taproom to purchase beers on-site with a patio and beer garden to enjoy your choices. In addition to beer and spirits, they also sell non-alcoholic drinks. There's also a selection of snacks, but if you'd like to bring your own food, they don't mind. The patio has fire pits, is dog friendly and operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also get curbside pickup if placing a pre-order online. Ontario residents can order by mail as well. And if you have time when you visit, why not take a tour of the brewery and distillery. The team at Muskoka Brewery is always too happy to share their hard work and process with guests.

Last updated: August 18, 2023

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