Limehouse Conservation Area

Limehouse Conservation Area is a small park that’s a part of the broader Niagara Escarpment, a large string of forests, marshy wetlands, cliffs and other unique environments that stretches from the Niagara area to the Georgian Bay. The park includes over 80 hectares of unique limestone landscape, including deep ravines and fissures. You can meander through mossy forests and along streams via dirt trails and wooden boardwalks.

Limehouse Conservation Area is just off Highway 7 near the small community of Limehouse within Halton Hills. The park is about 70 km west and slightly north of Toronto.

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More about Limehouse Conservation Area

Limehouse Conservation Area includes dense, pristine forest and plays host to some of the area’s cultural heritage. Featuring twisting creeks and a small part of the famous Bruce Trail, the park preserves one of Ontario’s last old-growth forests. Make your way along hiking trails and over wooden boardwalks as you explore the mossy woodlands that were once home to an old mill. You can still find some remnants of the mill and old lime kilns, initially constructed in the 1840s. More paths and trails take you deeper into the preserve to discover historical, cultural and natural relics.

As an essential piece of the region’s Niagara Escarpment, you can explore uncommon landscapes not found in other areas of the world. A contiguous stretch of forests, wetlands, rocks and more, the Niagara Escarpment is a significantly protected biosphere that cuts its way through Southern Ontario and the Niagara Peninsula. It ends shortly after its most famous site and its namesake, Niagara Falls.

Because of this unusual landscape, you can visit the exciting rock and cliff formations left behind by glaciers thousands of years ago. Limehouse Conservation Area’s most famous site is called the “Hole in the Wall,” which you can only reach by climbing ladders to old glacial fissures and crevices. As an alternative, a little less effort will take you to admire the historic stone bridge over Black Creek.

Besides hiking through the conserved park, you can also enjoy birding, photography and walking your pet on a leash. If you’re lucky, you may be able to spot the colourful redside dace, a threatened fish species that calls Black Creek home. Enjoy a picnic on the property or make use of the baseball diamonds at the park’s entrance.

If you’re curious to explore the surrounding region a bit more, there are a few other sites near Limehouse Conservation Area. Acton’s nearby community is home to Fairy Lake, which features a large park and a nearby golf course. You can explore a few other popular green spaces for more hiking and time spent in nature, such as Scotsdale Heritage Farm, Silver Creek Conservation Area and Willow Park Ecological Centre.

Closer to Georgetown’s township is a charming museum called Devereaux House, which sits at the end of Trafalgar Sports Park. The museum is a restored Victorian-era home built in the 1860s. 

At the southern end of Halton Hills is the popular and expansive outdoor shopping mall, Toronto Premium Outlets. Here you can score deals at over 130 stores, including a few select pop-up shops. You’ll find name brands like Hugo Boss, Armani, Adidas, Nike, MaxMara, Levi’s and more.

Last updated: August 18, 2023

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