A dimly lit, underground passageway in the Diefenbunker Museum.

Top escape rooms in Ontario

A dimly lit, underground passageway in the Diefenbunker Museum.

Whether you’re on a date, out with the family, a group of friends or a team of coworkers escape rooms are a fun way to bond as a team. This interactive, group activity begins when you step into a themed room filled with clues, puzzles and tasks. Your mission? Identify the clues, solve the puzzles and complete the tasks together in under an hour so you can “escape”.

From kid-friendly to super challenging, there are different types and themes of escape rooms for players of all ages and levels.

Here are 15 great escape rooms to try with your crew, and don’t forget — not everyone escapes on time!

Casa Loma Escape Rooms

Make your way through the elaborate rooms and tunnels of Casa Loma to solve puzzles and complete tasks as the clock counts down. Costumed actors are included in this adventure and they may carry the essential evidence to help you. Toronto’s famous gothic estate offers five highly produced escape room games set in the past, where you can rescue Canada’s famous fictional detective, travel back to the days of bootlegging, search for the last dragon egg to avoid the extinction of the dragon population and more.

Location: 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto

Gaslight Theatre 

If you enjoy the challenges of escape rooms, try the immersive experience offered at Gaslight Theatre. Groups of three to five can book same-day appointments or make reservations in advance.

Location: 3040 Palstan Road, Mississauga

Escape Artists

Reserve a spot at Sudbury’s original escape room to test your smarts and collaboration abilities. Each challenging puzzle solved is a satisfying step closer to completing your mission. Current escape rooms include Amityville 76, which requires you and your crew to pool your wits to escape the notorious American house of horrors. Cuba’62 is another game you need to solve to avert World War III.

Location: 615 Kathleen Street, Sudbury

Mission Possible Escape Room

Mission Possible Escape Room has escape room games for as few as two people to bigger groups of 16. It’s advised to check the game details before booking. The excitement doesn’t end once you successfully escape. Located in Milton’s Champs Family Entertainment, there are plenty of activities that will keep the momentum going. From a relaxing game of bowling to catching the latest sports game on the jumbo screen at the sports bar, your post escape room adventures are endless.

Location: 300 Bronte Road South, Milton

Countdown Escape Room

Round up your enthusiastic and adventurous friends to help you solve the tasks featured at this Thunder Bay escape room. Do you have what it takes to work together and focus on the task at hand while the clock continues to tick? Or will you crack under pressure? You’ll get bragging rights if you manage to escape with time to spare.

Location: 246 Cumberland Street North, Thunder Bay

Escape Manor

Escape Manor is well worth a full day’s visit. Beyond the impressive rooms, of which there are plenty, you can enjoy a pizza and a beer at the venue’s restaurant right after your victory. Axe-throwing and board games are also available. Escape the Diefenbunker is an award-winning adventure at Ottawa’s cold war museum in Carp. Known as the world’s largest escape room, this 90 minute experience will literally have players running against the clock. Escape Manors are also located in Toronto and Hamilton.

Location: Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton

Escape Manor Junior

The whole family is welcome at this kid-friendly escape room, where there are four different stories with themes that range from adventures with witches, wizards, space travel and finding the world’s tastiest taffy recipe. The missions are 45 minutes long and the tasks involve fun and interactive ways for kids to use problem-solving skills in an engaging environment.

Location: 900 Greenbank Road, Nepean

Hidden Trail Escape Rooms

Hidden Trail Escape Room offers a good mystery adventure story starring you and your group. Together you must beat the clock while maneuvering through a series of tricky puzzles and tasks in a bid to escape the uniquely designed rooms. The ultimate question is which escape room storyline would you like to play? Mad Hatter, Asylum escapes rooms are located at the 3147 Tecumseh Road location. The Timepiece, Prolixin, Man in the Corner are located at the 4897 Tecumseh Road location.

Location: 3147 Tecumseh Road East and 4897 Tecumseh Road East, Upper Level, Windsor

Jizsaw Escape room, Byward Market

Conveniently located in Ottawa’s ByWard Market, you and your friends can fuel your minds on the great meal selection available at the ByWard Market before you embark on brain teasing activities at Jizsaw Escape Room. The challenges are available in both English and French in the seven escape rooms. Up to six people can play the games. No worries if you have a small group because that means you just need to work harder to complete your mission and making it more challenging.

Location: 12 ByWard Market Square, Unit 2, Ottawa

Adventure Rooms Canada

Adventure Rooms Canada is a popular escape room with locations in both Kitchener and Niagara Falls. There are eight rooms to choose from at each location, including a mystery related to a missing finger and a classic stuck-in-a-vault scenario. Each location has a different themed room, so you’ll be getting something new each and every time you return.

Location: 283 Duke Street West Unit 102, Kitchener and 4541 Queen Street, Niagara Falls

Qube BreakOUT Escapes

With just an hour to get yourself out of the room, you and your team will be frantically rushing around the perplexing rooms at Qube BreakOUT Escapes. After you win your freedom, there are plenty of ways to celebrate your victory with other activities offered at the venue. Try your hand at bazooka ball — a mix of laser tag and paintball — or beat your high score at the arcade games. There’s even archery to test your aim. If you want a more low-key activity, the board game cafe is an excellent choice. There are also two locations in Cambridge.

Location: 4455 Queen Street, Niagara Falls

Niagara Escapement

For escape artists who love a good challenge, Niagara Escapement offers immersive, interactive themed puzzles in several rooms. There’s also a huge board game collection and licensed café to hang out in afterward.

Location: 5001 Victoria Avenue, Niagara Falls

Key Masters Escape Rooms

With three escape rooms to choose from, Key Masters Escape Rooms is a great spot to visit in Hamilton. “Expelled” is one scenario in which you’re the class troublemaker and you have to get out before the principal finds you. Solve the puzzles as quick as you can, escape the room, and enjoy your victory by trying another one.

Location: 305 Gray Road, Hamilton


Revo Escape is the perfect place for seasoned escapers featuring three stimulating escape rooms. Players should expect some physical challenges in addition to problems that test logic. The missions are also a little longer at 75 minutes. After a well-deserved challenge, treat yourself to a drink in the lounge area. There’s also a leaderboard that showcases the top ranked groups for each of the escape rooms.

Location: 3478 Lawrence Avenue East, Unit C06, Scarborough

Escape Maze

This outdoor experience is a blend between traditional escape room experiences and the Amazing Race. Challenging puzzles are set in scenic countryside, so you can appreciate the outdoors between frantically trying to solve problems. In October, there’s also a popular Halloween-themed haunt that uniquely features an escape room in a corn field.

Location: 156 Cedar Bank Road, Peterborough

Crypto Escape Rooms

Prepare to be transported into an immersive world filled with puzzles and intrigue. This award-winning escape room combines technology and special effects for a unique storytelling experience. 

Location: 1220 Stellar Drive Unit #206, Newmarket

Daydream Adventures

Appropriate for all ages, this interactive art escape room features hand-crafted whimsical décor created by Toronto artists. Solve puzzles in an enchanted forest or an abandoned ice cave under an hour.

Location: 1803 Danforth Avenue, Toronto (lower level)

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Last updated: June 7, 2024

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