Upper Canada Playhouse

Welcome to the Upper Canada Playhouse ... where the show is about to start! You will love Ontario's always-entertaining theatre with its own resident company and a playbook filled with amazing performances. For over 30 years, the Playhouse has been presenting top-quality shows, from comedy to tragedy (and a few musical numbers in between). Audiences travel from near and far to savour the unique experience of this old-style theatre. Come for the theatre, then stay for the magical character of the surrounding Upper Canada region.

The Upper Canada Playhouse is perfectly at home in Morrisburg in south eastern Ontario. Located a little over an hour from Ottawa, the Playhouse is a highlight for touring theatre goers. Morrisburg is known for its gorgeous heritage site, Upper Canada Village, which includes the Playhouse as one of its stars.

The Playhouse features live concerts along with Holiday Family shows and a Summer Theatre series. For up-to-date information and details on Upper Canada Playhouse, we recommend you visit their website. For information about other places of interest to explore nearby, keep scrolling to see what Destination Ontario recommends.

More about Upper Canada Playhouse

The Upper Canada Playhouse has been a standing feature for Morrisburg since 1983. In its early days, the theatre was not much more than a giant tent in the outskirts of the village. Since then, the playlist has grown and the theatre has now set-up house in an old factory converted into the fully-equipped and charming theatre it is today.

Everything about the Playhouse is in character. From the beautiful mural on the outside to the quaint canteen inside (perfect for intermission), every detail takes you back to the old-school elegance of the theatre. Make yourself comfortable in the luxurious audience seats and enjoy the intimate layout where everyone has the prime view.

The Upper Canada Playhouse is one of many draw cards to the area. For the perfect souvenir, head to the McHaffie Flea Market, on the northern outskirts of Morrisburg. The large outdoor area is home to an eclectic array of antique treasures, just like the Upper Canada Playhouse. With a touch of Upper Canada character and a sprinkle of Morrisburg magic, you might be lucky enough to find the perfect historic knick-knack to remind you of your visit.

The nearby Upper Canada Village is filled with historic places of interest and delightful performances to round out your visit. Regional history is brought to life by guides dressed in costume and recreating the 1860s for this little village. It is a full immersion experience, both entertaining and educational. You might even spot a local performer from the Playhouse.

A short drive east of Upper Canada Village is the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary. This sweet haven (for birds and humans alike) offers eight kilometres of self-guided trails through a variety of wildlife habitats. There is a variety of wildlife to spot, including birds, frogs and squirrels scurrying along the paths. It is a peaceful stop on the way home from the Playhouse, or a serene getaway for the weekend with campsites and cabins available.

If you are driving to or from Cornwall, take the scenic route with the Long Sault Parkway. It’s a short detour off the Highway, stretching for 10 km across 11 islands in the St Lawrence River. Bring a picnic blanket and a favourite place to stop and enjoy the view. You may have to try many different picnic-spots. It will add a little to your travel time and be worth every minute.

Last updated: August 18, 2023

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