A senior couple enjoying an outdoor campfire near their RV.

RVing in Ontario for seniors

A senior couple enjoying an outdoor campfire near their RV.

Travel, family, time together, great conversations, time in nature, all of the things RVing offers you.

It’s no wonder that hundreds of thousands of seniors are hitting the road to enjoy the freedom of the RV lifestyle.

Where to rent an RV in Ontario

It's never been easier to take a road trip. Here are some of the best places to rent an RV in Ontario:

Ontario is an incredible destination for RVers, especially for seniors. It’s one of the safest places in the world, with incredible infrastructure that means that roads are in good shape and take you almost anywhere you want to go, and that accessibility won’t be an issue. If you’re looking to commune with nature in a secluded and remote spot, we've got something for you. Or if you’re bringing the grandkids, we’ve got some great family resorts on some beautiful touring routes as well.

Senior-friendly RV parks

Throughout the North, there are plenty of senior-friendly RV parks. Ontario’s Provincial Park system has dozens of incredible properties, with a very comprehensive system of listing spots, to ensure that you find one that meets all of your needs. They are quite affordable, and often located in prime wilderness, so they are often in high demand.

We love the turnkey, consistent experience of the K.O.A. parks throughout Ontario, but there are literally thousands of campgrounds with all the amenities throughout the province. A complete list of the parks are available at GoRVing Canada.

Things to consider before hitting the road in Ontario

Ontario is a big province, and many of the best spots are quite remote. It’s worth noting that if you are planning a big trip, having all of your fuel, propane and dump stops mapped out is a good idea. It can help ensure that you don’t get stuck somewhere. If your RV has onboard propane, there are few spots that offer this service outside of the big cities. Gas can be easily found anywhere along the Trans-Canada Highways, but off them, it’s worth making sure you have a full tank before going into the wilderness.

Speaking of highways, it’s worth noting that the 400 series highways (400, 401, 410, 407, etc) all have a maximum speed limit of 100 km/h (about 60 mph) and a minimum speed limit of 80km/h. If you’re not passing, it’s best to stay in the right-hand lane. 

You will need a valid passport to cross the border from the US to Canada, and US citizens may be denied entry if they have a DUI conviction.

The most important rule when it comes to RVing in Ontario, have fun on the open road!

Last updated: October 13, 2023

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