A blue motorcycle parked on the side of a rural road overlooking a horse farm.

Woodbine Avenue, Gormley | John Lewis

5 excellent motorcycle routes in Southern Ontario

A blue motorcycle parked on the side of a rural road overlooking a horse farm.

Woodbine Avenue, Gormley | John Lewis

Here are five loops to explore from the Greater Toronto Area—although riders can join the loops from anywhere. These loops range from about three to seven hours of riding time (150 kilometres - 500 kilometres). Enjoy butter tarts and ice cream while travelling through historic villages and traversing the region’s scenic hills, twists and straightaways. These routes are almost entirely on two-lane, 80-kilometre-per-hour, paved roads. 

Note: As the loops get larger and further away from Toronto, they become hillier with more twists and turns. They also encompass more lakes and cottage-country towns. In other words, the routes get more technical, more sporty, more scenic and are much more fun to ride.

Uxbridge and Port Perry Loop

Distance: 157 kilometres
Riding time: 2.5 – 3 hours

This loop is a quick, getaway loop for those who need a break but don't have all day. 

Take 404 out of the city to Gormley, located at Stouffville Road and Woodbine Avenue. The loop travels north from Gormley up Woodbine to Pleasantville, East on Vivian Road through a countryside of horse farms and small villages, with a short jog south on York Durham Line to get onto 8 East, to the historic town of Uxbridge. After exploring Uxbridge, take Reach Road to scenic Port Perry. Turn right on Simcoe Street and discover the shops and restaurants in downtown. 

Return to Toronto via 7A (then 21) through Goodwood to Stouffville (turning south on York Durham Line, then right onto Stouffville's Main Street). Main Street turns into Stouffville Road, which goes back through Gormley and the 404.

The roads are typically southern-Ontario straight so it’s a relaxing ride. Kawartha Dairy has a shop on Toronto Street in Uxbridge, making it a great place to stop on a hot day. Uxbridge and Port Perry both have good restaurants (and, of course, Tim Hortons), so riders can get off their bikes and have a meal or a coffee before heading back. The park along Lake Scugog in Port Perry is a great place to picnic. Stouffville has small-town charm and is fun to ride through. 

This is a great reprieve from the city when there isn’t a lot of time for a longer, more technical ride. 

Lake Scugog Circumnavigation Loop

Distance: 244 kilometres
Riding time: 4 – 4.5 hours

Compared to the first loop, this tour around Lake Scugog includes a few turns. 

Take 7A East out of Port Perry, ride 11 kilometres, then turn left onto 57 and follow it through Caesarea and View Lake as it proceeds to 35. The boat launch at View Lake is a great spot to take a break. Travel north on 35 for about a minute and turn right on 31, also called Mount Horeb Road. Take this until it meets Highway 7. From the turn-off from 7A onto 57 to where 31 meets Highway 7, there are thirteen sweeping turns, seven of which are ninety degrees. The fun turns continue on the way back. If the first loop calms the psyche, this loop brings a bona fide smile.

At Highway 7, a left turn starts the route back. Or continue east for two kilometres to Omemee. Enjoy a rest at Omemee Municipal Park on the Pigeon River before heading back. Note: Omemee does not have a gas station.

Head back by taking 7 West. After a few more sweeping turns, about 1.4 kilometres past 35, the route will turn left on 4 as it heads towards Little Britain and County Road 2. Go south into Port Perry, then head back from there. In Little Britain, Buttertarts ’N More is a must-stop if you like homemade butter tarts and other sweet treats.

Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls Loop

Distance: 316 kilometres
Riding time: 5 – 5.5 hours

The next extension of the loop goes through Bobcaygeon and Fenelon Falls. Getting to Bobcaygeon from Omemee is pleasant riding with elevation changes, scenic views, and more sweeping turns. 

Head north out of Omemee on Sturgeon Rd (County Road 7) for about 4.3 kilometres, then turn right onto Peace Road (County Road 14). In 2.5 kilometres, turn left onto County Road 10 to Pigeon Lake Road (County Road 17). Follow this to Highway 36, then right into Bobcaygeon. From Bobcaygeon, take County Road 8 and 121 over to Fenelon Falls. 

Both Bobcaygeon and Fenelon Falls are pretty cottage-country towns and have some good restaurants. On Prince Street West in Bobcaygeon, there is a Kawartha Dairy plant. The ice cream cones are humungous. Bobcaygeon has a public beach ideal for a quick swim. In Fenelon Falls, grab a burger at the pub overlooking the lock, or visit the nearby museum.

From Fenelon Falls, head south on 121 and 35 and go by Little Britain or head over to Beaverton and continue back south from there.

507, Gooderham, Kinmount, Beaverton Loop

Distance: 432 kilometres
Riding Time: 6 hours

At Bobcaygeon, instead of heading west to Fenelon Falls, head east on County Road 36 and go up 507 at Flynn’s Corners. 507 to Gooderham is about 40 kilometres of twisty, undulating, ideal motorcycle riding. Few roads enter or egress from 507, so for most of the ride, the only concern is finding the perfect line through the next corner. It is the most technical riding of the loops and is a great place to practice your cornering skills. 

From Gooderham, take 503 westbound towards Kinmount and 45 westbound to 169 south. There is nothing technical about this section, but there are lots of gentle turns that keep riders relaxed and enjoying the scenery and the ride. From 169, head south to Beaverton and then home.

Glamorgan Road, Kashagawigamog Lake Road and Deep Bay Road Loop

Distance: 470 kilometres
Riding Time: 6.5 – 7 hours

This loop extension starts by heading west out of Gooderham on 503. In 1.7 kilometres turn right onto Glamorgan Road. It is quite a scenic ride as it twists and turns north for 16.7 kilometres to 118. 

Take 118 westbound towards Haliburton, a popular, bustling place in the summer that has lots of places to dine and shop. There’re shops and a park at which to rest. In Haliburton, take 21 west from 118, then 1 south to 18, which is also called Kashagawigamog Lake Road. This winds along Kashagawigamog Lake to Ingoldsby. Continue south on 17, right on 1, then right on 16 into the town of Minden. In Minden, the route continues on Deep Bay Road (2 south) to 35. Once on 35 travel south to Norland, and pick up 45 westbound as before.

The fun riding additions in this extension are Glamorgan Road, Kashagawigamog Lake Road and Deep Bay Road south out of Minden. While Glamorgan Road is a bit remote, Kashagawigamog Lake Road has lots of cottages, and Deep Bay Road has a bit of both. The towns of Haliburton and Minden are also both worth a visit.

Whichever loop you choose to ride, we know you’ll enjoy an exhilarating day exploring Southern Ontario’s best roads and idyllic scenery. Discover even more motorcycling adventures in Ontario.

Last updated: May 29, 2024

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