Journey Behind the Falls

Journey Behind the Falls invites you to experience the mighty Niagara Falls from a truly unique perspective.

Niagara Falls is a breathtaking work of art by Mother Nature that attracts an estimated 30 million visitors from around the world every year. At its highest, the falls is 51 metres tall, with an average flow rate of 2,400 cubic metres (85,000 cubic feet) of water per second. Appreciate the magnitude of this natural world wonder from below and behind the curtain of water from the network of tunnels and viewing decks at Journey Behind the Falls.

Journey Behind the Falls is located along the Niagara Parkway, its entrance is inside the Table Rock Centre, overlooking the falls.

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People on covered lookout in rock. Sign in front for Journey Behind the Falls

Accessibility Features

Wheelchair accessible

Unobstructed path through public 
hallways that are wide enough to allow 
people using wheelchairs and other 
mobility devices to move easily through 
the building. 

Universal washroom

Separate, individual washroom with 
adequate manoeuvring room for mobility 
devices. Includes grab bars, transfer 
space, accessible door latch, accessible 
sink with knee clearance, easy-to-use 
faucets and adult change table. 

Support persons welcome

Support persons are welcome to provide 
services or assistance with 
communication, mobility, personal care, 
medical needs or access to facilities. 
Please check with the organization about 
entry fees, if applicable.

Service animals welcome

Service animal can be identified by visual 
indicators (guide dog or other animal 
wearing a vest/harness); or 
documentation available from a 
regulated health professional to confirm 
the animal is required due to a disability. 

Information available in alternative format

Accessible formats (e.g. for menus, 
brochures, etc) and communication 
supports are provided in a timely manner 
upon request at no extra charge in 
consultation with the person making the 

Elevator access

Elevator access to all public floors with 
adequate manoeuvring room to enter 
and exit the elevator.

Easy access electrical outlets

At least one electrical outlet within easy 
reach has clear floor space in front for 
charging an electric mobility device.

Accessible washroom

An accessible washroom stall has 
adequate manoeuvring room for mobility 
devices. Includes grab bars, transfer 
space, accessible door latch, sink with 
knee clearance, and lever handles or 
automatic sensor faucets. 

Accessible drop-off location

Passenger drop-off is available by an 
accessible entrance. 

Accessible transportation

Accessible public transportation and/or 
accessible shuttle buses serve the site. 

Accessible seating

Reserved space with a clear view of the 
event/activity for someone who is seated, 
good sound quality, and adequate 
manoeuvring room for a mobility device.

Accessible restaurant

Accessible entrance; adequate 
manoeuvring room; accessible washroom 
nearby. Tables with removable chairs and 
adequate knee clearance. 
Cafeteria/buffet counters reachable for 
mobility device users. 

Accessible parking

At least one identified, reserved parking 
space with a safe, clearly marked 
accessible route from the designated 
parking area to an accessible building 

Accessible entrances/exits

A sufficiently wide, hard surfaced, 
unobstructed path, no steps or equipped 
with ramp connecting to a public 
entrance or exit and identified by signage. 
Automatic door openers, adequate 
manoeuvring room in front of door.

Wheelchair and/or mobility devices available

Wheelchairs and/or mobility devices are 
available, free of charge, or for rent. 

More about Journey Behind the Falls

Operated by the Niagara Parks Commission, Journey Behind the Falls consists of several observation platforms and different scenic portals from behind and at the base of the Horseshoe Falls.

The adventure begins with hydraulic-powered elevators that descend from street level to approximately 38 metres underground. Tunnels lead through the bedrock to the Cataract and the Great Falls viewing portals and to the upper and lower observation decks. Historical information on how the attraction was built is provided along the tunnel walls.

The lower observation platform sits about 13 storeys below Horseshoe Falls. Stand close at the foot of the falls to witness the roaring waters and feel the thunderous vibration as the water crashes down to the basin below.

Rates are reduced in winter as the lower observation deck is closed. It’s just as exciting to experience in the icy, winter season. Visitors receive a free, biodegradable raincoat to keep you dry, and during the cooler months, be sure to bring extra layers to stay warm. Wear waterproof shoes and keep belongings protected from the spraying mist.

There is no set time limit for staying, but most visitors take around 45 minutes to an hour to explore this attraction.

Last updated: August 9, 2022

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