Cobourg Beach

Cobourg Beach is a treasured secret for the locals, but it’s just too good to stay a secret forever. For years, visitors from nearby cities have chosen Cobourg as the best weekend escape on Lake Ontario. The drawcard is the famous Cobourg Beach. What many of them don’t know is Cobourg Beach is really two beaches. That’s double the joy and double the fun.

Cobourg is a picturesque lakeside town in southern Ontario. Most visitors head straight to the main Coburg Beach, but they miss many of Cobourg’s local secrets along the way. 

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More about Cobourg Beach

As mentioned, Cobourg Beach is, in fact, two beaches. Most visitors head to the main beach, also known as Victoria Park Beach. When people say “Cobourg Beach,” this is the beach they are talking about. Beautiful sandy shores lead down into the water to the south and up to the characteristic boardwalk to the north. Plenty of amenities make this beach easily accessible for everyone. There are picnic tables, washrooms, playgrounds, splash pads and a canteen open almost every day. Throughout the year, the beach comes alive with events and celebrations, like volleyball tournaments, movie nights and the famous Sandcastle Festival (every year in early August—don’t miss it). If you are looking for the loveliest of beaches with the liveliest of activity, drop your towel at Cobourg Beach (and Victoria Park). 

If, however, you are looking for a slightly quieter alternative, then follow the locals around the bend. Cobourg’s lesser known secret is the West Beach, located—you guessed it—west of Victoria Park Beach. It is not well-signed, so you’ll have to explore to find it. Cobourg West Beach is no less lovely than Cobourg Beach. It has remained in a more natural setting, thanks to the care from local residents. The beach is made of a mix of pebbles and sand, with a green grassy area and a smaller but quaint boardwalk. It is an ideal location to visit any time of year, providing a buffer from the main beach in summer and a source of adventure in cooler months. There are no amenities like those provided at Cobourg Beach, but locals and visitors alike are happy to help maintain their little haven. A little bit of care helps West Beach keep its beauty for a little longer. 

Nestled in between the two beaches is the Cobourg Marina. For those travelling on the water, the Marina is the bubbling centre of the Lakeside Community of Cobourg. Once you have docked, take a stroll downtown and explore the hospitality of Cobourg. Restaurants and shopping venues are readily available with clear signage to guide you back for a stroll along the beach. 

Cobourg Beach is a great starting point for more adventures. There is no denying the beauty and attraction of Cobourg Beach, but it is worth the walk around the bend to discover something else. 

The Cobourg East Pierhead Lighthouse is an easy walk west from Cobourg Beach. Standing out on the very tip of the marina, the Lighthouse has a small but commanding presence. It was first built in 1844 and has continued to protect the Cobourg Harbour ever since. From the Lighthouse, you can watch windsurfers dancing on the waves. It is also the perfect place to see the sunrise over Lake Ontario before heading back to town for a warm bakery breakfast. 

If the Lighthouse sparked your love for history, check out the Cobourg Museum Foundation at the Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre. Housed in what could be Cobourg’s oldest building, the Cobourg Museum Foundation displays a large extensive collection of exhibits, artwork and a working model railway. 

In the heart of Cobourg is another hidden treasure waiting for you: the Cobourg Conservation Area. It is part of the Waterfront Trail, connecting with 75 communities and over 400 parks and natural areas. While it may seem tucked away in town, the Cobourg Conservation Area is brimming with activity. Take a walk through the wooded areas, along the running creek and find your way to the sweet little bridge where you can watch the salmon swimming past. 

Not far out of town is the Burnham Family Farm Market. This market is known for its fresh local produce straight from the farm to you. Throughout the year they also offer ‘pick-your-own’ opportunities, inviting you into the farm and experiencing the natural production yourself. If you would rather leave it to the professionals, there is a seat waiting for you in the bakery, along with a wide selection of homemade goodies to enjoy. 

There is so much to see around Cobourg, you may be inspired to enter the local Seasonal Photography Contest. Hosted by Cobourg’s Community Services Division, the Contest is open to visitors and locals alike. Each season, submissions are welcomed for photos of the local Cobourg area around a chosen theme. Even if you don’t consider yourself a photographer, this is a fantastic opportunity to explore Cobourg Beach and beyond. From tree-lined street to foggy walks along the pier, Cobourg has many photo opportunities waiting for you. 

Last updated: October 25, 2023

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