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Ontario Parks merchandise

For many, time spent enjoying nature in one of Ontario’s provincial parks is the highlight of their vacation. From Algonquin to Wabakimi, the experiences and landscapes across Ontario are unparalleled.

Shop the Ontario Parks store online or in the visitor centres at individual parks for a range of unique and useful items like outdoor apparel, camping mugs, maps, books and more branded with artistic park graphics and imagery.

Ontario Icewine

Ice wine is a highly prized, sweet wine produced from frozen grapes. Canada is the largest producer of Icewine in the world, with approximately 50 wineries in Ontario crafting it from several grape varieties including Vidal, Riesling and Gewurztraminer.

After sampling Icewine at one of Ontario’s top wineries, pick up a bottle of your favourite as a special treat to enjoy at home.

Amethyst from Superior Country

Ontario’s official gem, Amethyst is a semiprecious crystalline quartz stone that is valued for its deep violet, purple and lilac colours, and spiritual properties.

The region along Lake Superior’s northern shore and around Thunder Bay in Northwest Ontario, known as Superior Country, is home to the largest amethyst deposit in Canada.

Local mines like Amethyst Mine Panorama and Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine invite you to visit, tour and even collect your own amethyst treasure.

Amethyst Mine Panorama, 500 Bass Lake Road, Shuniah
Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine, # 5 Road North, Shuniah

Major league sports apparel

Pro sports fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to exciting major league action in Ontario. Catch Toronto’s NBA champions, The Raptors. Ontario’s beloved NHL teams are the Maple Leafs and the Ottawa Senators. Known as “Canada’s baseball team”, the Toronto Blue Jays play home and away games through the summer season.

In addition, three Canadian football league teams are from Ontario and soccer fans flock to Toronto FC and Canadian Premier League games.

Pick up a branded cap, toque, jersey, or scarf at a game to show your support for your favourite team. If you didn’t find what you wanted at the game venue, shop online for branded sport apparel as well as collectibles and memorabilia.

Collector coins from the Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint is responsible for the production of Canada’s circulation and collector coins, including toonies and loonies. Visit the historic headquarters in Ottawa for fascinating tours led by informative guides.

Shop for giftable and thematic keepsakes that mark important Canadian milestones and pay tribute to notable people and events in Canada’s past.

Location: 320 Sussex Drive, Ottawa

Maple syrup

If you enjoy a traditional Canadian breakfast of pancakes and bacon, then it’s likely you enjoy maple syrup along with it. Maple syrup is a sweet, golden liquid made from the sap of red, sugar and other types of maple trees, as well as birch trees. Find out where and how to experience the maple syrup season each spring in Ontario.

Ontario’s love affair with maple doesn’t end with syrup. More locally made, inventive maple-infused products include:

And the list goes on…

Indigenous-made crafts and art

Ontario is the original and current homeland to many Indigenous Peoples, including First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. 

In addition to the many authentic Indigenous experiences to be had in Ontario, you can learn a lot about Indigenous history and culture through beautiful art and handmade crafts, including jewellery, moccasins, pottery and paintings.

Purchasing pieces at Indigenous-owned and operated galleries, cultural centres and gift shops is an excellent way to ensure their cultural authenticity. If you’re unsure or simply want to learn more, then you can always inquire about the artisan who made the piece.

The Mādahòkì Farm Indigenous Marketplace showcases a wide assortment of products, including original artwork, beadwork, jewellery, mittens, moccasins and children’s toys. Shop in-person Thursdays to Sundays, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or find products online.

Location: 4420 West Hunt Club Road, Nepean

Customized canoe paddle from the Paddle Shop

The canoe represents so much of Indigenous culture and heritage and is one of the most iconic Ontario outdoor pursuits.

If you have ever enjoyed paddling in any of Ontario’s many rivers, lakes, or canals, consider a customized, hand-made, wooden paddle from the Paddle Shop at Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Centre. Not only are the paddles functional, but they are also works of art that will make a beautiful showpiece in your home. Visit in-person or shop online.

Location: 1095 Redkenn Road, Haliburton

Legislative Assembly of Ontario Gift Shop

Tucked in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario at Queen’s Park in downtown Toronto, their gift shop carefully curates the best and most unique Ontario-made items.

Get a bold black and white ONTARIO toque, a Canadian flag or trillium pin or a kitschy map of Ontario magnet.

Location: 111 Wellesley Street West, Toronto

Get Little-ized at Little Canada

Explore detailed, miniature exhibits representing some of the most iconic landmarks in Ontario and across Canada, and then have a tiny figurine of yourself created to be placed in one of the miniature scenes or to take home with you.

Location: 10 Dundas Street East Basement 2, Toronto

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Last updated: May 29, 2024

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