Snowkiting: It’s a Real Thing and It’s Amazing

A person snowkiting on a frozen lake

Attention thrill seekers – this is the new wave of gnarl. No line ups, no lift tickets, full adrenaline rush. Are you game? 

Experience the euphoria of surfing and soaring across a frozen lake or a snowy field. Clutching the controls of a kite, combine the skills of waterskiing and snowboarding with the harnessed power of Ontario’s winter wind to give you lift and speed. 

Where to go Snowkiting in Ontario 

Snowkiting is a unique outdoor winter sport that is gaining popularity worldwide. In Ontario, we’ve seen snow kiting outside Toronto, Collingwood, Wasaga, Georgina, Beaverton and other heavy snowfall areas. 

Who to go Snowkiting With 

iKite Canada offers customized snowkiting lessons to any skill level, taught by an International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) certified instructor. In addition, they’ll gear you up with harnesses, helmet and kite of course, and can arrange skis or snowboard rentals too. You’ll want to dress warmly; think snow pants and layer up. Keep in mind the sport is heavily weather dependent, so you’ll need to be mobile and flexible. Spontaneity is part of the fun! 

iKite Canada is located just outside Toronto, although Cooks Bay, on Lake Simcoe is one of the best locations for your snowkiting lesson as it freezes over early and stays frozen for the full season.

Photo Credit: iKITE Canada

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