Things to Do In London

Looking for things to do in London, Ontario? You’re in luck! Whether you’re a history buff or a nature lover, there’s always something to enjoy in this city. Known as the ‘Forest City', the city of London was once a thick forest, and has worked hard to reclaim and protect its woodlands and parks. It is also home to some of Ontario’s oldest buildings and attractions, such as Eldon House, Banting House and St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica. And if you’re craving an authentic London experience, visit one of the city’s eateries, sports facilities or cultural centers. 

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Food and drink

London is known for its exceptional pubs and breweries, great restaurants and markets, there’s no shortage of date night options.

Outdoor and recreation

There’s a good reason why London, Ontario is known as the Forest City. The city boasts an abundance of natural beauty and commitment to the environment. If you want to go hiking, you’ll have your pick of nature trails, including Meadowlily Woods, The Coves, Kains Woods and Fanshawe Conservation Area. Most of these paths will take you by the Thames River, and there’s ample wildlife to enjoy, from bald eagles to beavers and deer. You can also stop by Westminster Ponds, a hike directly off of Highway 401. Here, not only will you find one of the city’s oldest heritage trees, but you’ll also be right by the Tourism London Welcome Centre. Friendly staff can set you up with additional tour ideas. 

Food and drink

The Welcome Centre is far from your only tour option. Some tours are place-specific, and other tours are themed. For example, the Culinary Experiences Tour will introduce your taste buds to some of Forest City’s best and most delicious restaurants. Of course, you can also take shuttle or bus services around the city. And if you choose to go off on your own, make sure to stop by Eldon House, a preserved artifact of the 19th century. Then, make your way over to Banting House, also known as ‘The Birthplace of Insulin.’ 

Arts and cultural experiences

From London Music Hall to the Grand Theatre, London has a variety of entertainment options. Depending on when you visit, the city offers world-famous festivals, such as SunFest. You’ll also have your pick of museums, including the London Children’s Museum, Fanshawe Pioneer Village, Museum London and the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum. Each of these museums offers something different, from Fanshawe’s authentic historical reenactments to the thousands of regional artworks in Museum London. Additionally, London is the birthplace of such famous celebrities as Ryan Gosling, Rachel McAdams and Justin Bieber. Though their homes aren’t part of any official tours, it’s easy to see how London’s beauty and culture might have inspired them toward the arts. 

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