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Sault Ste. Marie, or ‘the Soo’ as locals affectionately call it, is located at the crossroads of the Great Lakes and is famous for its four-season recreation activities. It is known as the gateway for exploring Northern Ontario. The area boasts picturesque lakeshores, untouched forests, curving rivers and historical canal. Whether you are travelling solo, with friends or with your family, this recreation haven has everything in store for everyone. 

The pristine region’s dedication to outdoor adventures and indoor activities is unmatched. It’s known for its restaurants that serve home-style meals and perfectly-preserved trails that run along breathtaking waterfalls. If you want a real river rapids and wilderness experience, Sault Ste. Marie is your spot. 

It's near the United States-Canada border and appeals to visitors who want to immerse into Canada's unspoiled outdoors. It doesn't matter if you're just looking to take a stroll along the river or want to go all out to partake in some of the most enthralling winter outdoor adventures, it won't cease to amaze you. 

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Outdoor and recreation

For all the adventure lovers out there, being in Sault Ste. Marie is a fortunate thing. From swimming to snorkelling to scuba diving, you will not only have a premium experience, but the rookies will come out competent as well. 

The 103-acre Marks Bay Conservation Area offers various activities that will make you love the beach even more. From fishing to canoeing to kayaking to swimming, it welcomes every water sport enthusiast. You can even hike around the immaculate forest and capture gorgeous shots of elusive animals and birds on your camera or phone. The highlight species of floras are tranquil pine grove, cedar forest and the rare Algoma plants. If it's your luckiest day, you can encounter a Whitetail deer, too. 

You can access 2,000 km of incredible trails for snowmobiling and skiing. There are various resorts that can plan these activities for you as well. One of them is Searchmont Resort, which is a 40-minute drive north of the Soo. In addition to this, you will be thoroughly immersed in various events and entertainment that take place in the lodge.

Arts and cultural experiences

The Sault Ste. Marie Canal was built in 1895 and is a National Historic Site. It is now a significant place for recreational watercraft, so if you enjoy boat sailing, then pay a visit. The canal also connects Lake Huron and Lake Superior. The short trail system by the canal lets you bike or walk to appreciate the surroundings. 

For some indoor exploration, visit the dynamic and fun Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre for aviation history. It is enclosed in the historic waterfront hangar where aviation in northern Ontario took flight. Packed with mind tingling interactive, hands-on activities, it will fill you with trivia on airplanes sure to keep your friends and loved ones delighted for years to come. 

One cannot miss the popular Agawa Canyon Tour by the Algoma Central Railway if you love immersing yourself into the beauty of raw nature. This one day rail tour will make you experience the beauty of northern lakes and rivers while you sit back and relax. 

Arts and cultural experiences

The Sault Ste. Marie Museum is a three-story museum that serves as a tribute to the early 1900s. It details the town's history from various perspectives, keeping you hooked throughout. The Discovery Gallery is geared toward children and the Skylight Gallery is a must-see.  The interesting timeline from prehistory to the 1960s tells the local history in a unique way, with the collection of preserved fossils and relics. 

Visiting the Art Gallery of Algoma means entering a world full of beautiful creations. This is a non-profit organisation and the gallery heavily focuses on local art, though many of its 4,000 works of art come from afar. 

If you're a musician or music fan, take time to visit The Algoma Conservatory of Music. It is one of the largest music schools in Ontario and hosts many special events featuring Canadian and international singers and musicians. 

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