Things To Do In Sudbury

One of the largest Northeastern Ontarios cities, Sudbury has fun and exciting experiences for you. It is multicultural with its high-spirited Italian, French, Polish, Finnish and Indigenous communities. Needless to say, with the diverse atmosphere of the city, you will find yourself indulging in various thrilling activities and exploring unique restaurants and bars with their fascinating history. The city is known for its art, music, urban comforts and outdoor recreation activities. It just oozes the natural warmth that embraces everyone, thanks to its friendly and sociable residents.  

So whether youre craving the soothing sip of a coffee in a cozy restaurant or your adventurous instincts are pushing you to embrace the winter by skiing or snowboarding, Sudbury has everything youre looking for. 

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Discover Sudbury

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For adventure enthusiasts of all ages, Sudbury is the place to be, especially if being active in cold weather is your thing. The unparalleled four-season outdoor adventures that Greater Sudbury has to offer is a dream come true for all the seekers of adventures. 

When we say Sudbury offers adventure for everyone, we literally mean that. The non-profit Kivi Park is located right in the greater area of Sudbury that boasts some well-groomed trails for people who love hiking and biking during summers and skiing during winters. 

Sudbury has been well-known for its snowmobiling recreation for more than 30 years. One can enjoy the marvellous scenic views while also experiencing the vintage beauties of the cafes in between the drive. Rainbow Elk Loop with its 225 km of trails also includes some lakes with cafes. You can witness the outstanding views in Killarney Park nearby to experience the true wilderness along the La Cloche mountain range. 

Museums and heritage sites

There are various indoor and outdoor attractions in Sudbury that are just incredible. Whether you are an afternoon or a morning person, or whether youre spending the week or weekend, you have many options at hand.  

The giant nine-metre tall Nickel is the citys most famous landmark, and the Dynamic Earth science museum is the place where you can witness its appeal. This interactive science museum has also many things to tell you about the citys mining history. 

The lively art galleries hold local and regional creative pieces by the vibrant artist community.  

If you want to keep it relaxed by immersing in the wonders of landscapes and lakes, then the A.Y. Jackson Lookout will help you experience exactly that. This is the most impressive lookout and is around 43 kms northwest of the city centre. You can enjoy your time there by hiking along one of the trails or by driving. 

Last updated: August 4, 2022

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