Things to do in Elora and Fergus

Elora and Fergus bustle with unique boutiques, eateries, galleries and artists' studios. Both were independent villages until they were merged within the Township of Wellington. Today, visitors are attracted to the Grand River Raceway in Elora, Elora Festival and Riverfest Elora, which is an annual music festival held in August. Fergus is known for its many bridges and the Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games, which is held annually.

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Discover Elora and Fergus

Elora and Fergus are full of fun things to do. Keep scrolling to discover all that these cities have to offer, or to learn more about particular activities. 

Outdoor Adventures

The Elora Gorge Conservation Area is a beautiful place to camp from May through October. Both serviced and unserviced sites are available for up to six people. While at the Elora Gorge, you can take your pick of enjoyable solo and group activities that include tubing, fishing, canoeing and hiking.

The Elora Cataract Trailway is 47 km with spectacular views of the gorge. Highland Pines Campground is another option, and it has 200 acres with 600 sites. If you’re ready to kick it up a notch, consider ziplining, ice climbing, and rappelling. There’s nothing quite like learning a new skill or having a bit of a thrill in a new place! 

Arts & Cultural Experiences

The bridges in Elora and Fergus are begging to be seen and photographed. Tower Street Bridge is the entrance to Fergus, but the view from a car is just not good enough, so you’ll need to return for a proper look. Milligan Footbridge, St. David Street Bridge, Caldwell Bridge, Trestle Bridge and several more need to be in the background of your perfectly staged selfies.

Last updated: December 15, 2022

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