Hastings County North

Hearken back to a simpler time in Hastings County North with its salt-of-the-earth farming roots and relaxed pace of life.

Known for its geological richness and significance, Hastings County North covers a broad geographic landscape, steeped in history. Explore ancient rocks and minerals from one of the richest geological sites in Canada. Or dig for more contemporary treasure in a local antique shop, filled with their own stories to tell. The more you explore, the more you will fall in love with Hastings County North. 

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Where is Hastings County North?

Hastings County North is found in Eastern Ontario. It stretches from Belleville on the Bay of Quinte in the south to the edge of Algonquin Provincial Park in the north. 

Belleville provides a great starting point for your travels in Hastings County North. You can fly to Toronto or Ottawa and travel by train to Belleville in less than 2 hours. From Belleville, you can reach many townships by car and bus via a few major roads and highways. The 401 corridor passes through Belleville and the TransCanada Highway #7 through Madoc, while Ontario Highway 62 travels North-South right down the middle of the county. 

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Things to Do in Hastings County North

The secret to Hastings County North is to take it easy. Enjoy it. Soak it up. Relax and embrace the natural goodness of the rural lifestyle. 

Hastings County North is rich in farmlands and matching farmhouse bed-and-breakfasts. The southern region is surrounded by rich farmland and many small towns. Here there is a balance between urban and rural living, giving you wide open spaces with the option of artisan and antique shopping in nearby townships. Wind your way along the backroads and discover gorgeous cafes for your own Hot Beverage Tour.  

If and when you want to stretch your legs, there are many outdoor trails to explore at your own pace. You wouldn’t want to miss the spectacular waterfalls hidden away in Egan Chutes, about 15 km east of Bancroft. 

Hastings County North Neighbourhoods & Districts

Hastings County North includes seven member municipalities. It’s the perfect getaway for those looking for a ‘little break’ from their busy lives. As the rugged north slowly blends into the rural and urban south, you can see the change from town to town. Our favourite highlights include: 


The mineral capital of Canada is a hidden gem for ‘rockhounding’ enthusiasts.

Carlow/Mayo Township

Has some of the most pristine lakes in the county, making it very popular for swimming, fishing and nature photography. 

Faraday Township

Nearby Faraday Lake is a popular fishing spot for lake trout and small-mouth bass. So good, you can almost guarantee dinner. 

Hastings Highlands

A natural wonderland with plenty of outdoor activities to keep you warm. From fishing to snowmobiling, there is something for everyone. 

Limerick Township

Surrounded by dense forests, the township is made of smaller villages and hamlets, making an enjoyable bike-ride through the area. 

Tudor & Cashel Township

To the east of the township is Weslemkoon Lake, a favourite place to get away from it all and famous for the little lighthouse in the northern end. 

Wollaston Township

If you are looking for a hiking trail without the motorized participants, check out Nellie Lunn Park. A beautiful 40 hectare park approximately 4 km south of the township.

Things to Know About Visiting Hastings County North

Whether you’re still in the planning stages or you’re already on your trip to Hastings County North, it’s nice to learn what the locals know about the area.  

Little-known fact

Almost 90% of all types of minerals found on earth are located in Bancroft, known as “The Mineral Capital of Canada” and is a major destination for recreational rockhounding enthusiasts.

Great place for winter activities

Limerick Lake Lodge offers easy ride-in, ride-out access to snowmobiling and ATV Trails and caters to riders with a large parking log for and loading and unloading. 

Where to snap a great Instagram pic

McGeachie Conservation Area comprises over 200 hectares of natural wilderness for you to explore. Take a hike around Steenburg Lake or get a glimpse of the homestead that’s been on the property for 150 years.

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