Plan Your Ride In A Dream Snowmobile Destination

Two snowmobiles on a long trail on a sunny day

And the best part? The season isn't over yet. There is still plenty of snow and cold for great snowmobiling in Northern Ontario.

Three snowmobilers standing next to their snowmobiles and looking at a trail map

Plan Your Snowmobile Trip

There’s no question that this winter is going to be epic. To make the most of it, you need to plan ahead. There are a few things you’ll need to get squared away:

Get Your Ontario Snowmobile Trail Permit 

Getting your Ontario snowmobile trail permit has never been easier. Order your permit online directly from the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs. This winter, go big – get your permit and plan your dream snowmobile trip now.

Latest Trail Availability Information 

Make sure you've got everything you'll need before heading out, including the latest trail availability information from the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide or the Go Snowmobiling Ontario mobile app.

Pick a Snow Tour and Plan Your Trip

Ontario has over 30 pre-planned snowmobile tour routes to help riders who aren't sure where to start or are looking for something new. Bragging rights to the rider who does them all – and don’t forget to rate the routes in the Go Snowmobiling Ontario app.

Pickup trucks and motorcycles parked in a snow-covered motel parking lot

Where To Go Snowmobiling

Ontario boasts one of the world’s largest interconnected snowmobile trail networks, with thousands of volunteers working year-round to deliver this incredibly diverse system each season. From the rolling farmland of Ontario’s south to the northern majesty of the Canadian Shield, there are always amazing new OFSC trails to discover.


Snowmobiler riding uphill on a trail on a white and purple sled

Get Inspired

For everything you could possibly ever want to know about snowmobiling in Ontario, check out these great reads to get you revved up for winter.

Three snowmobilers standing next to their sleds on a trail overlooking a scenic rushing river

Guided Snowmobile Adventures

To go snowmobiling in Ontario, there are a few things every rider needs: a registered and insured snowmobile, a current trail permit, a knowledge of snowmobile safety, and trail-accessible places to stay, eat and fuel up while out for your ride.

A guided tour is a great way for novice and experienced snowmobilers alike to have local pros take care of the details for you while allowing you to focus on enjoying your epic ride in Ontario.

Two snowmobilers on a wide open trail on a bright sunny day

For the most complete information about snowmobile touring in Ontario.


Last updated: May 5, 2022

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