Man rock climbing a steep cliff

Photo credit: Superior Exploration, Adventure & Climbing Co.

Experience the Rush of Rock Climbing in Ontario

Man rock climbing a steep cliff

Photo credit: Superior Exploration, Adventure & Climbing Co.

Imagine this: You reach the top of a cliff face after an intense climb. You unhook your harness and stand tall. Stretch your back and shake out limbs and fingers. Breathe deeply. Look out over an unbelievable vista. Lift your face to the sun and let the euphoria of your accomplishment wash over you.

Welcome to the rush of rock climbing. Ontario’s got the goods to get you hooked.

Rock Climbing in Algoma

At Superior Exploration, Adventure & Climbing Co., guide Shawn Parent is a climbing legend. With over 30 years of experience under his harness, scaling rock faces runs in his veins and he is the author of climbing area guidebooks. If you’re looking for the ultimate climb in Ontario, Shawn is your man.

Based in Batchawana Bay, on the southeast coast of Lake Superior about an hour north of Sault Ste. Marie, Shawn has explored and developed climbing sites throughout the heart of Algomawilderness. River Bend Rock is a solid climb, offering a number of routes reaching up to 30 metres and with varying degrees of difficulty. Learn multi-pitch techniques on the Summerian Slabs, with heights up to 130 metres. Alien Wall presents a more challenging climb up 140 metres. In addition, great sites at Montreal River Harbour include Ranwick Rock and Keetes Bluff.

From novice to expert, every level of instruction and guiding is available. All climbing and safety equipment is provided for the Rock 1 and Rock 2 programs, with intermediate and advanced course climbers expected to bring their own gear.

Where to StayVoyageur Lodge and Cookhouse is a family run resort right in Batchawana Bay or opt for accommodations in Sault Ste. Marie.

More Climbing Outfitters in Ontario

One Axe Pursuits, Elora

Designed for the total beginner or avid gym climber, Once Axe will guide you up the cliffs at Rattlesnake Point near Milton, equipment included. Additional guided climbs offered in Elora.

Liv Outside, Bracebridge

Paddle into Muskoka’s wilderness along the Muskoka River, stop to swim under waterfalls and rappel down a vertical granite drop of 36 meters. Equipment, gear and guide included.

Outdoor Skills And Thrills, Thunder Bay

They teach the fundamentals, perfect for the intermediate climber looking to improve or an expert looking for the hidden gems in the Thunder Bay region.

Yours Outdoors, Haliburton

Reach new heights in the Haliburton Highlands with guided rock climbing packages offered by Yours Outdoors.

Elements Guiding, Haliburton Highlands

Offering safe and exhilarating rock climbing experiences for all ages and skill levels with full gear and training.

Last updated: November 25, 2022

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